5 STEPS: How To Find A New Job In Nigeria

Look at the biggest base of ads for new employees in Nigeria!

The new year means that job hunting is back on the radar of many people reassessing their work lives. This is the best time for you ti start new job! But there are one question, where to find it?

1. Tap your contacts.

Try to get a hold of people already in the organization and see whether or not they can put in a good word for you somewhere. This is the connection thing in Nigeria

2. Make some new contacts.

Don’t be afraid to stop by the office at some point in advance of your interview to talk to people.

3. Find work in the Internet.

There are many resources where companies looking for a new employers. Just pay attention for section Job on the JiJi.ng where are more than 1000 ads for new employees! You can find any job: administration, driver jobs, computing and many other interesting jobs

View all jobs on the site

4. Make your resume clean, simple, and error free.

If you’re not completely confident about your spelling and grammar, find a good writer who can review your resume for you. Don’t mess this up.

5. Read, study, and practice How to Win.

It’s broken down into actionable items you can practice, and these items really work. Knowing and using the material in this book will set you apart from people who do not.

Look at the biggest base of ads for new employees in Nigeria!