Where Can You Buy Low Good Smartphone In Nigeria?

Find a wide selection of smartphones for sale on JiJi.ng!

Smartphones are becoming more expensive in Nigeria. Someone raises prices for all products at once, while others gradually, but now we can say about the total price increase. Where to buy a good smartphone by the low price ?

At first, learn to save money. Don’t be afraid to buy an used products. Most of them are in good condition. On our site you can buy almost new phone, but much more cheaper. For example, let’s see how much cost the most popular smartphones in stores and how much they cost on jiji. The difference will amaze you!

Samsung galaxy s4

One of the most popular smartphones of the year. On  jiji.ng it cost just 40 000 when on other shops from 73 000 – almost in twice!


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The HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 looks and feels gorgeous. Really good choice but very expensive one. If you want to save money we offer you to buy it by lowest price — 27 000. Another shops want for this smartphone 110 000 .. just for what? For a good photo? If for you the majority meters are good price and quality pay attention to this offer


Sony Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3 combines premium materials with the best Sony technologies, to give you a better smartphone experience, every hour of the day. This is one of the most request smartphones today. Just look at this differ in prices — jiji really save your money!


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iPhone 5s

Iphone for a many years is the phone that everybody wants. No matter what does it model because apple means high quality, style and respect. The iPhone 5s is last but one model and price on it steel hight. But not on jiji! Buy now Iphone 5s by discounted price – 40 000!


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As you see the same smartphones have different prices. Stores push up the cost because of rent, stuff good photos etc. But on jiji we don`t do it. Everybody can sell or buy something without comissions. Don`t pay the extra money! Find a wide selection of smartphones for sale on JiJi.ng!

P.S. Pay attention on description of product and it`s photos. Make a deal just with onest buyers!

Happy shopping!