Toyota VS Nissan: What To Choose?

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Car is one of the important and unseparated part of our everyday life. And if you decided to buy one, make sure you do the right choice. Today we’ve prepared a small comparison of two world most popular cars: Nissan and Toyota. Well, let’s see who wins?

  1. First of all if to talk about variety of choices Toyota is undoubtful leader.

It has a wide model range; here you can find anything you like starting from cabriolet to sedan, from diesel engine to gasoline engine, from cheep to expensive.

As for Nissan it used to be famous for its executive cars and nowadays it is more oriented on sport cars.


  1. Second point for Toyota is that it’s easier to repair. In case of any troubles you can find help in every car workshop.

Moreover, Toyota’s old car models are famous for its long lasting work without any damages.

As for Nissan it is difficult to service because of its construction and automotive spare parts are almost impossible to find.


  1. And the last but not least: Toyota takes the first place in the rating of Japanese automotive companies, while Nissan is only the third.

Make your own decision!

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