10 Secrets Of Great Photo on your Smartphone

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Do you think cool photos are possible only with fancy extra-new smartphone? Well, throw away this notion! Many persons use the most gorgeous reflex cameras, but get so boring and awful photos.

So, the model of the mobile-phone doesn’t matter, you can do exciting photos by the not expensive smartphones.

And, of course, there are many advantages of making photo by mobile phones:

  • The main of them is that your phone is very compact and always with you. You don’t need to adjust it for a long time and to remove the lens cap.kaboompics.com_Business identity. Blank stationery set on wood background
  • Mobile phones give a nice opportunity to shoot insensibly. Sometimes it gifts you so natural photo, especially photo of people. Look at home standard photo – shooting by a “real” camera often cause people to take an unnatural posture and rather typical smile.7139404267_6fa9ed5628_z
  • You can immediately share photo on social networks (e.g. Facebook). Let your friends enjoy it!
  • And very pleasant advantage is the price – the majority of smartphones are cheaper than DSLRs. And it’s great!

So, we pick up for you real advices, which help to get amazing photos from smartphones.

1.Use special programs for photos

Don’t stop on the capabilities, which are proposed by your mobile software. You might use different programs for different shooting occasions. Some of them give more interesting colors, others – bigger plans: Pudding Camera, CameraMX, Photosynth, VSCO Cam, Slow shutter cam, Pro HDR, Camera +, and so on. Why do you limit yourself, when you have a choice?

When you select a program, you should deal very attentively into the settings. Try to play with resolution of photos, white balance, ISO, enable/disable auto focus.

2. Please, forget about zoom

Yes, your smartphone has, probably, function of zoom. But using it defects seriously image quality. Try to replace zoom by your possibility to walk – come closer to the object, choose the best foreshortening.

Also while you processing an image you can cut out some most important and interesting fragment from it. Even the simplest programs have cropping. As an additional plus, you don’t lose time to match the size and just shoot. And then you will correct photo and focus on details at leisure.

3. Shoot the same frame a few times

Take several shots of the same scene. Subsequently, you can choose the most successful picture and work with it. And don’t harry up to delete photos from your smartphone, try to look to them on your computer. Small screen of the phone sometimes doesn’t show all spectacular moments of the photo.


4. Play with foreshortening

Don’t be afraid to change forecasting. Make a few movements left and you can take a picture from other, juicier side. Smartphone is very easy, so move it as you wish.

5. Handle with light carefully

Try to not use flash unnecessarily. Flash very often kills natural colors and shadows.

At the same time the light – one of the main tools of the photographer. This is important for professional cameras, but for smartphones – it is more important. So always look for light, watch, how it lies down on the object.

The best light for photos is in the mornings and evenings. At noon a light is too contrast, it distorts your image. Luxury effects gives a sky before a storm.


6. Check the cleanliness of the lens

Very simple, but important rule. Wipe the lens before shooting, and you save yourself from the photos with unpleasant spots and dots. You may not even notice, when take your phone with dirty and greasy hands.But yout future photo definitely will show this.

7. Remember most important rules of shooting

Even if your image is captured perfectly in terms of composition, but main rules of technical quality suffers, the viewer probably will not enjoy with your photo.

“Rule of 1/3” – is a common way to make your photo correct and looking professional. You should divide your image into three equal parts horizontally and vertically. If you dispose your key objects of shooting along these lines, the picture will be more expressive.


“Rule of horizon” – we should divide the overall plan of photo into three equal parts, the horizon should be close to one of the two lines share a common plan .


“Rule of symmetry” – it works great, when you make photo photo of architecture, landscapes with reflection in water, reflections in the mirror.


There are a lot of books and article about theory of photography. You can find a lot of useful things for you also on Internet (forums, blogs of famous photographs) and then surprise your relatives and friends with amazing photo.

8. Keep in mind a trip delay

The photo program in smartphone in most cases is triggered with a delay. You have clicked the button, but the camera is still thinking before you make a picture. So, try to foresee the position of the object.

For example, imagine you want to shoot a car. So, you should suggest, where it will be in a two seconds and focus on this place.audi[1]

Also, you can buy a special lens to your smartphone. The variety of such lens is small, but you can pick up it for every smartphone. Of course, it doesn’t turn a smartphone into a compact SLR and the quality of the photos will not change significantly. But it makes process of mobile photography more enjoyable and interesting, and the available effects will be “alive”.


9. Make your photo black&white

You follow all rules, but your photo is miserable? Don’t give up! You can make make your picture black&white. In most cases, this filter hides major shortcomings photos and makes it more interesting. You can set your mobile phone to do such photos as default.


10. And, finally, find unbelievable objects

Look for great scenery, beautiful faces and unusual things. It’s the basic for nice photo. Make experiments with compositions of objects. Maybe yellow cup will look stylish with grey notebook? Make photo of nature: it makes great compositions by itself.


So, make your photo on smartphone, enjoy it and share with friends!

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