3 Steps How To Choose A Good Cheap Laptop

Personal computers have so greatly entered our lives, during the last years, that it’s very difficult to imagine a modern office or apartment without it. Nowadays portable laptops are available to almost everyone. But how we can choose a good and cheap laptop? Experts of JiJi.ng say that this may be done quite easily. You just need to stick to the basic rules during the selection of a laptop.

 The basic rules of good shopping


  1. You can save a considerably large sum of money by buying not the latest models of laptops. Usually trends cost several hundred dollars more than the previous models. If you need a laptop for word processing and the Internet you should buy a simple model.
  2. You can save money on buying a laptop in a way of buying it in the spare parts and assembling your own computer. The technical characteristics of this machine can be similar to expensive models, but the cost will be much cheaper. You can assemble a good laptop by using the parts of famous manufacturers: Intel, AMD, Viewsonic, Seagate, Logitech.
  3. Purchase of a used computer of the brand HP, Dell, IBM, etc. is an excellent choice of good and inexpensive laptop.

We choose a good quality


  • When choosing a laptop you need to take look at the strong and heavy models.
  • Before buying you should check the keyboard, which should be easy and pleasant to the touch and respond quickly to any buttons.
  • The bottom of the laptop shouldn’t be hot during the work. If he is always “hot” this creates some inconvenience in the usage.
  • Size and screen resolution also play an important role in choosing a good and inexpensive laptop. LCD monitors can be from 30.48 to 43.18 cm diagonal.
  • When you choose a laptop, you should pay attention to the number of USB inputs: it is better to take the one that has two or more USB inputs.

Determine the goals

Today, almost every manufacturer divides its models into special groups in order to make it easier for you to choose a laptop. These groups include office-, home-, gaming-, fashion models, etc. Moreover, the important factor is that among these laptops are usually represented models of all possible sizes: large-, medium- and small-sized. Each of these groups has its own characteristics. So it is recommended to examine all of them attentively.


When you select a particular model of laptop you need to decide what exactly would be done on it. If the laptop is designed for processing text material, running simple programs like ICQ, Skype or viewing Web sites, you can buy the most budget model. Also, these laptops are lightweight, portable and can work up to 10 hours without recharging. But if you plan to work with complex graphics programs or run modern games, you need a stronger laptop. You shouldn’t forget that these laptops are heavy, quick-heating and can be used without recharging only for a short time.