5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Cheap Car


Cheap cars have always been among the best-selling. The cause of their popularity is simple – almost anywhere in the world the number of people who are willing to buy a cheap car far more than people willing to pay for the car a lot of money.

Besides, during the economic crisis, even those automakers who never engaged in production of low-cost models begin their release.

Welfare of many people allows them to buy a new car, but even with the $ 20-30 thousands not all buy a car from the official dealer. While buying a used car, you can save enough money. New car depreciates very rapidly in the first few years, and after 3 years it’s about 60-70% of the original price. In fact, just after leaving the salon, your new car becomes less at 1000-2000 dollars. When you buy a new car, you pay mostly for it’s “new” aroma and warranty. It is believed that when we buy a new car, we insure against unforeseen hidden problems that have arisen in the process of incorrect use. But despite this, buying a new car doesn’t always means that our car is perfect. Even a new car may have problems related to manufacturing defects or careless transportation. Furthermore, these defects can be deliberately concealed inside saloon and your auto will be new only in your documents.

The advantage of buying a used car is that you can buy a model with all the additional options which you would not afford when purchasing a new car.


We have identified five reasons why it’s better to buy cheap cars:

1. The cost of the car and its expectation

People who know the process of production of cars, understand that to choose your favorite new car with a specific engine, transmission and equipment – is one thing and get it in use – is quite another. Even if you have $ 45 thousands, and you want a new Mitsubishi Outlander with a 2.4-liter engine with certain equipment, you can’t just go to the dealer and go back home on the new car. You execute a contract, order the car, and an application for release of “your” Outlander enters the plant producing the model. Many popular cars we have to wait several months.

Therefore, the best solution is to buy a used car, which also will be much cheaper. Many such cars you can find on the JiJi.ng.

2. Cheap cars are getting better every day

When people think of the bottom of the bargain bin cars, they’re usually associated with models that have serious mechanical issues and won’t be on the road for a long. But this an outdated thinking. Many people sell their cars just because they want to buy something else. And most of these cars can be in excellent condition at the time of sale.



3. Reap the benefits

What is the best thing in buying cheap cars? Yes, you can own more than one.  So, if you really like driving, you should have a few cars. And one of your cars won’t start one morning, don’t be upset. Good thing is that you have a 2nd car.

4. Binding to a service station of your dealer

Many car owners already have their “checked” service stations. When you buy a new car, you can actually say goodbye to them. All dealers have a warranty on the car and fixed interservice runs. Not all motorists are satisfied with the work of the official service stations, but “moving” to another station is banned until the machine is under warranty.

5. Car with the character

Do you know people who give names to their cars? I am sure, you know. This isn’t necessarily a product of cars with names, it’s a product of cheap cars going on carefree adventures and experiences. Why do you care about something else, when you can have fun right now? It is possible that the machine can break. But some adventures are worth experiencing them. Then you’ll describe your friends these stories in details and they will regret that they don’t have such a car.


So if you want to find a 4-wheeled friend, start here, and share your expertise with others.