How to Make Money on Mobile Photo: 4 Tools for iOS and Android

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Do you want to get $ 250 for a single shot on a smartphone? Yes, it’s real for users of mobile applications for iOS and Android in our collection. It’s time for your phone to reimburse all spendings for communications, tuning and repairs. 🙂

It’s not an exaggeration, one photo can earn hundreds of dollars. And you shouldn’t make photo of an resonant emergency, or to show a naked body of popular star. Usual photo with an interesting idea can bring you cherished income. It can be a rubbish dump, a thick fog, neighbor’s dog or extraordinary selfie – nothing cosmic or supernatural. But it’s important to understand, that there many hunters for fast money, so your desired dollars are not become uneasy.

Do you want to be ahead of the game? So, use tips for quality shooting by smartphone. You have already known about secrets of great photo by smartphones, so now we teach you use special programs to make your photo more profitable.


Snapwire is a platform that connects brands with photographers, publishers and designers around the world. You will be invited to participate in photo competition. The platform selects the theme, gives a detailed description of the requirements, and users are trying to make the best shot.

The second way of earning money is bolted to the system rating of photographers, promotion with it gives you access to special assignments from rich customers.

Although you are free to post photos on services like on photo banks for buying it by all comers.

Snapwire imposes certain requirements to the quality of images, all trash will be blocked. You can use your own pictures, which were posted in Google Drive, Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox. Instagram is not suitable due to the small size of the images.

At the time of acquaintance with Snapwire platform there were about two dozen competitions and 15 orders. Payment shall be made with the account of PayPal.



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Clashot is something between a sale platform of photos and social network. Only here you can earn money by likes of expert users of this service. Keep a decent photo stories, and you certainly will be encouraged financially.

Good pictures after minimal checks hit on the “counter” of Clashot, where they can be bought by interested individuals and organizations.

Like competitors, marketplace puts special offers from well-known brands with the ability to get a few tens of dollars.

It’s hard to say, what amount of money you can get on Clashot, because the basic salary depends on loyalty of experts and, of course, on the level of images. Money is transferred to PayPal and Skrill.


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Scoopshot is the international community of mobile photo fans with a willing to sell it for trademarks and publishers from all around the world. Take part in daily competitions from Scoopshot, and your photos will come to the attention of potential buyers. The winners are determined by users of this platform.

The second way of earnings includes a number of special problems, which are linked to your area (the number of international problems is small, but constant).

Scoopshot doesn’t like any decorations and postprocessing. It is also not recommended to use filters of the phone camera. Of course, downloading photos from other resources are not available.

Every day there are nine contests on Scoopshot. The number of tasks depends on the location. Money transferred to a bank card or wallet PayPal.


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Foap is very serious platform with great possibilities for selling mobile photo. Among the customers of the site appear the world-famous companies, such as Motorola, Mastercard, Volvo. And monetary incentives correspond to the big names of the buyers and can calculate the amount of three zeros at the end. Moreover, the contestants, who are on the second, third and even fourth place, also can get presents (for example, mobile phones).

But your pictures must be on the highest level. If you want to earn money with Foap you should pass the identification procedure – send pictures of your passport or driving license. Verification takes only few minutes. Thus, there is nothing to prevent you serious money.

Additional advantage of service – you are allowed to upload your own pictures from any source.

Simultaneous number of missions is more than ten, and their value doesn’t fall below 100 $. Withdrawals made through PayPal.


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