12 Products To Help Control Your Appetite

You are trying to lose weight by controlling the amount of food you consume, but a hungry feeling does not leave your daily habits. This is the main reason you break your diet after a week.

In the article below we want to recommend some useful products which help reduce your hunger level. They work like this: when you eat the miraculous products we will talk about further, your brain receives a signal that you are full.

So let’s win your hunger together!

1. Apples

0Apple a day keeps a doctor away.

(English proverb)

Chew an apple 30 minutes to your meals and for breakfast you will eat about 15 % less than you used to. This is due to the high level of dietary fibers and water.

 2. Avocado

1Eat half an avocado while having breakfast and in such a way get rid of unwanted and harmful snacks for the rest of the day. This prediction had been made by dietitians who also published their research in the Nutrition Journal.

3. Beans, peas, lentils

These products are rich in protein, vitamin B and Ferum. According the Obesity Journal, people who include beans, peas and lentils feel less hunger than those who do not.

4. Soup

Vegetable soup, green soup and soup with celery are not all dishes with a low-caloric composition. Moreover, these soups are pretty substantial.

Soups help reduce your appetite greatly: it fills your stomach, delivering our organism from hunger and along with it soups contain few calories.

5. Dairy products

They normalize the work of our gastrointestinal tract. In case you have already experimented with those unhealthy diets like “lose 10 pounds in just a week”, dairy products will help you 100 % since it is like the first aid.


6. Red pepper

Capsaicin included in red pepper composition makes your metabolism go faster. According to the recent research held in the Maastricht University (Netherlands), adding some red pepper in your daily meals helps to control your appetite. As another research results (published in Appetite Journal) show, adding ¼ teaspoon of red pepper to your morning, afternoon and evening meals allows you feel full much faster.

7. Dark chocolate

Want to eat something sweet? Eat dark chocolate since it is the best means for enjoy and use. You can eat chocolate every day but in moderate portions (20 grams per 24 hours). In addition, dark chocolate is great for your overall health, since it:

  • perfects your blood circulation
  • stimulates your brain work.


8. Eggs

Start your day with a couple of boiled eggs and hunger will not bother you to the afternoon meal. The secret is pretty simple: according to the Missouri University research, proteins included to the eggs structure help keep the feeling of hunger away. So consume 30-39 grams of protein every morning. Moreover, people with a protein-made ration feel hunger less often.

9. Nuts

This is one more product to help you lower and control your appetite. The Nutrition Journal publishing has held own investigation in which women with some excess weight took part. All the women were divided into two groups. The first group had to eat 40 grams of nuts or three tablespoons of peanut oil with cooked semolina for breakfast. Another group did not include nuts in their meals.


The results showed that women from the first group felt hunger less often than women from the second group.

Nuts themselves appease hunger since they are rich in fatty acids, proteins and cellular tissue.

10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal, like the previous product in our list, is rich in proteins. Apart from it, it contains many complex carbohydrates that saturate your organism for a long period of time. Cellular tissue in oatmeal composition favours in maintaining your blood sugar level in order. Oatmeal goes with nuts and dried fruit very well!

11. Water

If our organism is lack of water, it can feel like a real hunger. However, this feeling is wrong since symptoms of dehydration we have are similar to hunger signs:

  • fatigue
  • distractable attention
  • bad mood.

So when you think you want to eat just drink a glass of water and wait for 10 minutes. You will understand your hunger is leaving allowing you to prevent new hundreds of calories.

512. Milk whey

Proteins, calcium and vitamin B included in milk whey make it helpful for your overall health without cholesterol and dairy fats in its composition. Milk whey is believed to be a low-caloric product. It is also used for face and hair masks.

Know any other recommendations on how to reduce appetite? Share in comments, please.

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