20 Easy Ways to Deal with All Affairs More Quickly

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There are a lot of approaches to be more productive and manage the time. But, you know, not everyone helps you. We choose the most effective, already tested tips for you. So, read and practice them all!

1. Determine important and to pay special attention to this

Otherwise, 80% of all you’re doing will not give you good results. Without determination a specific purpose you will do useless work, without any income.


2. Correct regime of the day

Enough sleeping, healthy food and exercise can help you to triple the result, because they increase the focus, motivation and energy level.


3. Turn specific actions into habits

If you want to be the best at something, practice it every day. Even on great holidays – your Birthday, Wedding day or New Year’s Day. No exceptions.


4. Timeboxing (tough limit of time)

In order to shift the problem from the point, highlight currently limited period of time – 30 minutes, for example. Don’t worry about the amount of work done. Just work within the allotted time.


5. Batch mode

Combine similar tasks (like phone calls, emails) in one group, and then straightened with them in one sitting.


6. Promise

Tell people about your decisions. They will help you not to abandon things later.


7. Don’t rely on memory

Even if you are a genius, you can forget some important things. So, take notes in a notebook, make a list of tasks on your phone, use online tools and so on.


8. Respect the discipline

Let’s stars with only two things: planning your day every morning and write a brief report every night. This will help you to prioritize, cut useless tasks and do exactly what matters for you.


9. The worst – at the first place

Learn to perform the most unpleasant tasks early in the day, instead of postponing them until the end. A small victory sets a productive tone for the entire day.


10. Wear headphones

You shouldn’t always listen to music, but you can ignore all around in such way. Other people will ask much less you, when will see headphones on you.

Black boy listening to music on headphones


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11. Stop constantly check your email

Don’t start and finish your day by reading e-mail. Try to do this no more than three times a day, for example, at 10 am, 2 pm and 6 pm. Reading emails too often is always waste of time.


12.The same rule for phone calls

Who says you should have to be keep in touch always? Switch off your phone when you are busy, and turn on in a fixed time. Who needs – call back, who doesn’t need – can’t be able to divert you.


13. Be early bird

Get up early in the morning, for example, at 5 am, when the others sleep. You will have time to tune in to the new day, job, meetings and get in shape.

Black woman turning of alarm clock

14. Rule of MI3

This abbreviation stands for Most Important three tasks, and indicates that every day you have to start with the implementation of the three most important problems, and then do the others.


15. Your willpower is limited

Try to make most important decisions at the first half of the day, and all others that are secondary and extraneous can be delayed.


16. Pressure sometimes creates wonders

Use stimulation reward or social obligations. The fear of punishment or desire for praise helps to create miracles, even in the shortest possible time.


17. Don’t waste time in pursuit for perfection

Don’t polish your product indefinitely. There is a common phrase in the world of startups:

“if you are not a little ashamed by your product, then you release it is too late”


18. Learn to say “no”

Remove. Say “no”. Ignore. Break down other people’s plans. Try to build a life of your own plans, not ideally fit into work schedules of colleagues.


19. Understand yourself better

If you want to grow and develop, you need to better understand yourself. Analyze what you do and how much time it takes. Only through constant monitoring, you can see the direction for the development and improve your performance.


20. Remember: rules – even rules of productivity – are created for breaking them!

When you begin to change your life into the better, optimize your working day, you will discover the other, your own rules. So, change your level of productivity right now!

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