4 Budget Tablets With iPad-like Screens

The crisis has put a hell of a dent on the future of top tablets market. All the companies have increased their prices for tablets. Apple brand has passed the psychological barrier. So it is time now to look for the more available alternatives.

6Let’s think about tablets. Today the price for properly sized iPad reaches $800. You get great productivity and long autonomous work time. Moreover, you will be pleased by the Retina display with resolving capacity 2056 × 1536 based on the IPS technology.

Well, the overwhelming majority of people like its main advantages. However, its OS has both, positive and negative characteristics. Let’s look for some budget rival tablets based on these parameters.

  1. Teclast X98 Air

This is one of the most popular Chinese tablets. Compared to the iPad, its screen is a little bit more faded. Its body is designed similarly to the iPad’s one, but looks more budget in spite of almost original colour and metal.1

The tablet’s heart is the Intel Z3736F processor which is good enough to perform all the needed tasks. There is one more pleasant distinction – the tablet has the Dual Boot weaving which allows choosing one of two main OSs: Android 4 or the fledged Windows 8.1. OS volume is 2 GB and it is enough to use the tablet as a good substitution for a personal computer with Windows OS: you can process your photos via the Photoshop, work with the AutoCAD program, play FarCry 3 and Heroes 3.


The rest tablet stuffing tries to meet main technical characteristics of the Apple device: 32 GB of built-in memory, 2 cameras – 5 Mp back one and 2 Mp front one and 8500 MAh battery. There is only one sensor – the G-sensor. The communicational possibilities differ depending on the tablet version. The minimum set of features is as follows: Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, microHDMI, USB-host and microUSB. Miracast is included, as well. The newest version of this tablet is the 3G one, moreover, you may use your SIM-card for both, serfing in the Internet and making calls.

The average price is $226 for the newest version and $210 for the simple model without a SIM-card slot.

  1. Cube i6

This tablet will fit perfectly people who are worried much about unknown brands. The company has already given a good account of itself in many countries. The new Cube i6 is almost similar to the iPad duplicate. The main differences refer only to the device appearance (Cube is dark blue) and processor version – Z3735D.


Moreover, the standard Cube tablet model works on Android 4.4. Its battery is a bit smaller than in the previous version – 8000 MAh, but, virtually, it will not tell upon your use. In addition, the tablet weight is only 480 grams, so, in spite of the available complete set of sensors, GPS and 3G, it is really light. Among the others pleasant features – Miracast, Bluetooth 4. 0 and the ability to work in a cell phone regime.

The price of this device is about $250.

  1. Chuwi V99

This tablet is manufactured in two available modifications. The first one is the device from the previous generation. It is still produced, having the successful construction and good technical characteristics, so it will be the competent device to compete with models of the other brands. The battery is really great – 10000 MAh, the device is equipped with the Intel Atom Z3735D processor. However, this weighty 590-gram tablet is not equipped with a SIM-card slot, but still works with a variety of external modems.


The other stuffing is identical to the models in our introduction: 2 GB OS volume, 16 GB memory, stereo dynamics, 5 Mp back camera and 2 Mp front camera and the set of sensors. The USB-host and microUSB are available, as well.

The price of this tablet is the lowest in our review – around $180.

  1. Onda V989

Along with its main standard technical characteristics this device has the greatest Octa Core Allwinner A80T platform with PowerVR G6230 graphics. The stuffing includes: 2 GB OS volume, 32 GB memory, Bluetooth 4.0 and microHDMI port. In fact, the back camera is 8 Mp, there is no 3G module and the battery is only 8000 MAh. The device costs nearly $194.


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