5 Ways To Keep Interest To Partner

Love shouldn’t die in three or some more years. Jordan Grey, a psychologist and author of the books about relationship, gives five extremely helpful pieces of advice for keeping an interest to your partner during the rest of your life.

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  1. Look in the mirror

It happens frequently that your partner seems to lose his or her attractiveness. This can signalize about some troubles with your overall state of health. When you are self-confident and happy, you accept your partner as the most sexual person in the world. And, vice versa, when you are depressed and disturbed, you think that your partner has lost his or her charm.


Thus, before dumping a fault to your partner because of your bad mood and your partner’s coldness, look in the mirror and answer honestly: are you attractive enough and adjusted to love?

  1. Find the way to miss your partner

Today people communicate much more than they used to several years ago. Any person who we love is on the distance of just one SMS. However, these very tight connections lead to dispiriting outcomes. If you are always together, you will not miss each other and your relationship will change from those enjoyable moments to dull responsibility.

When you are near your lover, of course, give your attention to him or her. But when you leave each other for even a short period, do only your personal stuff.


Stop writing and ringing up your partner every single day. Don’t give a report about your all steps and actions. Put several topics off to discuss later. Arrange a stag-party or a hen-party, spend your weekends separately or just visit training alone.

  1. Dispose yourself to love

Our brain works in a peculiar way. It needs actions, words and thoughts to be united. So when you do nothing for strengthen your relationship, your brain builds up a logical chain: “As I do nothing for my relationship, I am not interested in it”.


Study the following examples of how our perception of a partner depends on our position:


She always wears extended sport pants at home and doesn’t try to look better


She trusts me a lot, so she even doesn’t fear to look like that


She always puts me in an awkward position, talking about my job and making me talk about it, as well


She is proud of my achievement so much that even wants to tell about them the entire world


It’s disgusting! He clipped his nails and left them on the table


It’s wonderful that he still tries looking well-groomed and neat.

Flirt with your partner as like as your relationship has just started. Surprise your partner, give him or her some small presents, add romance, arrange nights only for two.

  1. Think about how will you feel if you lose your lover

Our life is not eternal. All people are mortal. Your relationship will definitely end.

However, we have good news, as well.

How would you look at your partner infor the last time? What would you do if you know this is your last weekend? Would you talk about love more often? Would you behave more gently, fondly and honestly with your partner?


Remember from time to time that everything can finish any second. This will help to become a better lover for your partner.

  1. Direct your sexual energy to your partner

Sexual energy is a limited resource. If you squander it, watching porno, admiring other people or masturbate several times a day, you both will lose.

Imagine that your sexual energy is flowing in your body like water, and you are to control its stream. The more energy you direct to your partner, the easier it is to repeat.

There are no negative reasons for masturbation and watching porno, if you use them with your partner. It is even better to make your personal videos and photos. Your brain adjusts to everything you do easily . So if you can control a result, why not to get excited watching your partner but not some unknown guy?

Couple Relaxing In Bed Wearing Pajamas

Look at your lover through pink glasses but not through magnifying glass.

And what about you? What do you do to stay attractive for your partners?