Beat The Heat! Best Cold Drinks

Usually when there’s terrible heat outside, all you want to do is to lie in a cold bath or maybe relax in a swimming pool with the hot water. But sometimes the rhythm of our life doesn’t let us chill out in this way. In some cases the only chance to fight the heat is to have a really cold drink. You can buy it in the street or in the supermarket.

But what about making in yourself?

Jiji offers you the best recipes of the drinks you can make at home. Cool yourself and treat your friends!

Recipe 1. Lemonade


Probably, the most popular drink around the world! Have you ever tried lemonade in your childhood? If yes, than prepare to timetravel! Moreover, the original self-made lemonade tastes much better than the one bought at the store.

So, what you need for 4 portions is:

1 lemon or orange

120 g sugar

800 ml water

1) Boil some extra water in the teapot (this water isn’t mentioned in the recipe).

2) Wash the lemon to make it clean and then pour it with the boiled water.

3) Peel the lemon.

4) Put the rind into the water (800 ml) you are doing to boil too.

5) Boil the water with the rind and add the sugar. Boil it for nearly 10 minutes.

6) Cool the lemonade.

7) Squeeze the fruit and add its juice to the lemonade.

Put your drink to the fridge. Tastes better when it’s cold.


Recipe 2. “Dream” Cocktail

Most of the people like Cola, and I bet you like it too! If that is so, I bet that you will like the cocktail called “American Dream” or just “Dream”. It’s very easy to make and it really helps you cool in a sunny day.


What you need for 2 portions is:

300 g ice-cream

100 ml milk

200 ml Cola

1) Chill all of the ingredients. You will need them cold while cooking.

2) Prepare a blender if you have one, or a fork, and some bowl where you will cook.

3) Beat up ice cream and milk.

4) Add 50 ml of Cola and shake it all together again.

5) Add what’s left (150 ml of cola) to the bowl and shake everything carefully.

The cocktail is ready!


Recipe 3. Ice Tea


Probably one of the most popular cooling drinks all over the world. You can see many different ice teas in the supermarkets, but we can never know what they are made of. A lot of producers use some chemical additives to improve the taste of their drink, but it can influence your health. If you make your own ice tea, you can be sure that everything is not just tasty, but natural and useful.

You need:

1 orange

½ lemon

30 g sugar

black tea

1 l water

1) Cut you fruit into small pieces with the rind.

2) Brew tea in a teapot. Add some mint if you have one.

3) Prepare the forms for the ice. Put your fruit there and add a little water.

4) Freeze the fruit.

5) Cool the tea and add your fruit ice.

Here you go!


Recipe 4. Cold Cocoa

Many people are used to drink hot cocoa, but have you ever tried to make it cold? It cools you in a minute and you won’t suffer from the heat. Cold cocoa is a perfect drink for a warm company in a hot day.


The recipe is absolutely easy:

1) Put two or three teaspoons of cocoa into the glass.

2) Add some water or milk, choose what you like more.

3) Shake it.

4) Add cinnamon/whipped cream/marshmallow on the top.

5) Put the drink in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

If you are not in a rush, cold cocoa is the best choice to cool and enjoy the tasty sweet drink.

If you still have to hurry up, just shake your cocoa with milk or water and add some ice.

By the way, cocoa is not only tasty, but very healthy and useful as well. It helps the brain work faster and better. Those who drink cocoa prevent many old age illnesses.


Recipe 5. Coffee Boom

A cocktail containing milk, coffee, cocoa and banana will not only help you survive the hot day, but will also charge you with energy. This drink is quite easy to cook, and you can surprise your family and friends with such simple, but delicious cocktail.


For 2 portions:

2 bananas

300 ml milk

½ teaspoon of coffee

3 teaspoons of cocoa

1) Cut the bananas into little pieces. Put it in a plastic bag and freeze the fruit.

2) Shake the frozen bananas, milk, coffee and cocoa.

3) Pour the drink into glasses.

Enjoy the cocktail!



All of these drinks not only cool you in a hot day, they also feed your brain and body and recharge your “batteries”. It is a very good alternative for some energy drinks.


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