Choose Right: What Hobby Should You Have?

Sometimes our everyday life becomes too boring and monotonous. That is when we understand that we need to dedicate a part of our time to something not connected with work or studying. It is the time to choose a hobby.

First of all, what is hobby? It is a regular activity you do just for pleasure and self-development. Hobby can be of many different kinds. The question is to choose a right activity for you.

Jiji will help you do the right choice!

For a start, decide what you need your hobby for. Is it something you will do for distraction from your routine? Do you want to reach particular result (it especially refers to sport)? Try to think it over and decide.


Think wisely

Try to look into yourself and understand what you really need. Will your hobby be active or calm? Will you need a company for it or would you prefer to go on your own? It all depends on your wishes, your type of character and your needs. Don’t force yourself to do anything: remember, hobby is something you do for pleasure.

Don’t copy

Don’t choose a hobby just because you want to be alike with someone. If your friend of idol is good at something, it doesn’t mean that this activity will be good for you as well. All of your decisions have to come from your heart, so think twice before you follow somebody.

Be opened

When you start doing something you have never done before, you have to communicate with people, who have already had some activity in the sphere you have chosen. Even if you are an introvert, don’t hide and avoid these people. You may find really good and interesting friends. There is nothing more drawing people together that a common hobby. So go ahead and be the first to strike up an acquaintance!


Forget the old tips

You must have heart a lot of advice when you were a child. For example, something like: “Don’t leave the thing you have started, do it to the end!”, or “Choose only one!”. Well, fortunately, this doesn’t work with hobbies. You can start and leave it whenever you want. Whenever you understand it is not yours, to be precise. Feel free to choose something different if you don’t enjoy some activity anymore. For instance, you have been riding a bicycle for 3 years every evening, but suddenly you got tired of it and you don’t want to do it anymore. Should you force yourself to go cycling every evening, as you did before? Absolutely not! Otherwise you will hate your bike as well as yourself. Try something different, something that will take a different kind of effort. Start drawing, for example. It will be a good (and different) alternative to cycling, and, who knows, maybe you will discover a talent you never knew you had!


Don’t underestimate yourself

Forget the words like “I can’t”, “this won’t work for me”, “I am too stupid/lazy/ungifted” etc. Self-criticism is not a good thing when you only start to do something. Believe me, Michelangelo didn’t create a masterpiece by just taking the brush and colors in his hands. What you really need if to make an effort and do the best you can. It is actually not about what you do, it about HOW you do it.

And, of course, you will need someone who would be able to comment on your results. Choose people who can be honest, but gentle. Ask your friends to give you such a favor.

Be curious

Always try to know more about your hobby and reach better results. Take private lessons, visit master classes, watch teach-yourself videos online – there are many ways to raise your level in 21st century. Don’t lose the opportunities, take your chances. If you have set a goal, try to reach it using any means.

If you are still not sure what hobby to choose, curiosity will help you here as well. Surf the Internet or ask your friends – you may know the activities you have never heard of!

And, again, never refuse to try something new! Who knows, maybe it will become the best thing you have ever done in your life?


Of course, hobby is kind of an activity “for the soul”, but it can even become your second job if you take it seriously enough. So do your best and never give up, because destiny gives the best to those who are brave and persistent!