Coffee Machines Buying Guide

Modern coffee machines are quite easy to use and quite compact kitchen appliances. What is ore  important – high-quality, aromatic and delicious coffee is obtained simply and quickly, that is important in the hectic morning and during a busy day.

Tips for Choosing

Before buying, you should determine what features you need in a coffee machine. In this article we will explain on which options you should take to consideration when choosing a device for making coffee.


Type and productivity

You should estimate the expected amount of coffee which you will prepare every day, how many people will be using the coffee machine with you and what coffee drinks they prefer. If you need to obtain a treasured cup simply and quickly, you should choose a compact automatic coffee machine with productivity of 30-40 cups a day. It’s not necessary to overpay for a professional coffee machine – such machines are good only for the office, which needs high performance.

Brew unit

Pay attention of the construction unit for the preparation – brew unit. It can be removable and non-removable. The first is good because you are removing it and wash under running water, saving on a variety of special detergents. But the care of non-removable block preparation is much easier. There are special cleaning tablet for this. The cleaning process is fully automated.

Water heating system

Water heating system must give some water on coffee powder without any taste or odor impurities. There are two types of heaters:

Boiler – accumulative water heating system. It heats the same amount of water. To that amount of water that was left it adds a new and the warming starts again.

Fuser – flow water heating system. It quickly heats the amount of water, which is necessary for one portion, and that is why the coffee is always fresh.

Functions, furnish and equipping

Nowadays, the processor of coffee machines offers much more recipes, some of them – from a professional barista.

In this category of coffee machines even the displays are completely different on liquid crystals or liquid diodes, often sensory. They control and show all processes in color and with various melodic signals.

High requirements also apply to the material housing. At least it can be stainless steel. Housing can also be chrome, titanium, and even lined with expensive types of wood.