How Make Your Look Perfect In A Suite.

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Suit is so familiar thing for any man that at the first glance there shouldn’t be any problems in wearing it. However it is not all that simple as it may seam. Because if you don’t know how to wear and choose suite properly you might have foolish look that will diminish your status and presentable appearance. So that, learn following tips that will make your look in a suite impeccable.


When you purchase a suit with the right fit and the details that best reflect your personal style, you are making a smart style investment — one that will last for years.

The most remarkable feature of your suit is its color.

Color dictates first impression, that is way it is very important to choose right color with relevance to the occasion you are planning to be dressed for. At the first sight it might seem to you quite difficult task since today’s market offers grate variety of different shades and printing . But in most cases suit is regarded as classical piece of wardrobe therefore color range is pretty strict and applied to black, dark blue, brown and light gray. The wardrobe of any stylish man should have several suits of these colors. However, such neutral colors can be complemented by sparkling and original accessories. Be also advised that with combination of dark-colored suite your dark skin will be profitably accentuated by light-colored shirt.


“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” ?Coco Chanel.
It is better to choose a classic color such as black, navy, beige or gray. Go with extra-merino wool for all seasons, cashmere for the winter and cotton or linen for the summer. Try to avoid prints on the suit, lines, squares and obscure color combinations; leave the experiments to the catwalk. If you feel adventurous and are ready to experiment, you can mix pieces from the classics and do a really original combination.

Suit jacket.dressing_for_men (1)

  • Your jacket must fit you well both buttoned or unbuttoned;

  • When you put on the suit jacket and button it, there should be a slight gap between the sleeve and the waistline. If it’s not the case it is most probably that suite jacket is too large for you;

  • Your vest should be buttoned easily herewith making you comfortable;

  • You jacket should be of that size to hit just below the waistband of your pants;


  • If you possess short size it is better for you to opt for single-breated jackets. In contrast if you are quite high double-breasted jacket will make you appear shorter;

Your suit jacket and shirt must make one team.


Shirt plays quite focal point in your overall look in suite. So that be careful in choosing shirt that must be of right color and fit. Just keep in mind some simple rules that will guide you:

  • you should be able to fit one finger between the collar of your shirt and your neck but no more than that;

  • your shirt cuffs shouldn’t slide up when you stretch your arms;

  • color for shirt must be harmonized with the color of the suite;

  • the shoulder seam of the shirt must strictly fit to the size of your shoulder,thus you won’t be mistaken about the appropriate size of the shirt;

  • shirt cuff must appear above the sleeve for 1-1,5 cm.;

  • shirt that is worn under suite vest must be without any pockets;

  • for some festal occasion you should opt for double cuffs;


  • For two-button jackets, button the top button only;
  • For three-button jackets, button the middle button, and the top button;

  • Or, don’t button any of the buttons on your jacket at all; this is also acceptable;

Also remember that all buttons on your shirt must be buttoned .The same goes with buttons of shirt cuffs.



Pants of classical style are slightly narrowed towards the bottom.Traditional length of such pants is 22 cm. It is particularly significant to find trousers of well-fitted size that must also matches to your shoes. Never buy pants with plain edges since they must be fitted to your actual size right on the spot in magazine.

The lengths of the pants is very essential. Too long pants will make your look quite silly, the same will be true if you wear short one. Therefore stick to the golden rule that is known among the most fashionable dress-making salons: lengths of the pants must be strictly 1cm above the heelpiece of the shoes.



  • Wearing the suite is virtually impossible without the tie.Tie is integral part of the suit;

  • If we are talking about business suit, tie is mandatory thing;


  • Good-quality tie must be cut of well silk and be of the spread shape thus it can be knotted easily and in right way;

  • Internal steam of branded tie is always unstitched;

  • Tie is very delicate piece of the clothes that is why it is not recommended to expose it to hand launder, it is better to take it to the dry-cleaner;

  • Tie should be of such a color that is lighter than suit’s color but darker than shirt’s color;

  • When knotted, lower side of the tie should reach buckle of the belt;

  • If you intend to wear white shirt, you can not worry about the color of tie since it can be whatever;

  • Your tie shouldn’t be too contrasted with your suit;

  • White ties are very formal.Black ties usually considered to be formal. Colored ties can be suited for wide range of different occasions;


  • Belt is must-have accessory with your suit. However it could be needless if you are intending to wear braces since according to commonly established view, these pieces are incompatible;

  • Choose such belt so that to be able to tight it for the third whole;

  • While choosing appropriate belt consider your style as a whole;

  • It is preferable to wear belt that could be compatible with your watch;

  • If you stick to classic image you should opt for modest style of belt buckle;

  • You should think of your belt to be matched not to the suit or pants but to your shoes;

  • Your belt must be of width not less then 4-5 cm. At the same time pay attention to your belt to be a little bit loose so that to feel comfort;

  • Prefer belts made of natural leather, obviously life of such belt will be much longer;


The belt does not only hold your trousers up, but is also a fashion statement. In order to make sure you are alright, if you are wearing a suit, you should follow the rule that says that your belt needs to match your shoes. It’s not only your shoes that need to match your belt. Your whole outfit must be in perfect harmony.


“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” — Christian Louboutin


If you don’t know what pair of shoes would be more suitable to your suit , you should opt for classical variant that is meant to be lace boots of black color made of natural leather. Toe-cap of such boots usually has round shape, and in some other models, toe-cap can be of sharp shape. The last model is more suitable for advent whereas in the office environment this type of boots will be not acceptable. Business-style boots not always should be of black color, however they must fit the color of the suit. Colored boots are not practicable because they are easily soiled.


“Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.” — Kimora Lee

Consider some other general rules:

  • have your suit pressed and steamed;

  • be well-groomed;

  • select original and remarkable accessories to make your look extraordinary;