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How To Become Popular: Psychological Tricks

If you have never wanted to become popular, then you can call yourself a happy person. But for many people in the world the problem of not being noticed is a number one issue. They try many different ways, but don’t succeed. What are their main mistakes? And what should you do to become popular between your mates?

Jiji gives you the best tips!

First of all, let’s find out what lies underneath the wish of being popular. It’s a will to be loved. A lack of love may be caused by strict parents of very tough rules at school. A shy person, who didn’t have any friends when he was a child, grows up with an intense to show the world what he is worth.

Here are the main hints on how to do it right and avoid the mistakes.


1) Don’t copy.

Being alike with someone doesn’t make you unique. And that is exactly what you need to be noticeable – to be special, to stand out. Trying to copy someone else’s life you may lose your own, reduce your personality to zero. Stop treating yourself like you’re nothing, find something in yourself that can differ you from the others. Stand for your own tastes and thoughts, even if it doesn’t match with others’. What is really important is to realize that you are a Person, who really deserves love and respect.


“ Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken”

Oskar Wilde


2)  Don’t TRY to be popular

People always feel when you fake it. Insincerity will definitely not be your friend in becoming popular. Try to make everything natural. When you are trying to make an impression of someone you really aren’t, it only spurns the others. It is much more effective and easy to behave without following any idols.



3) Be kind and friendly

Although it has become fashionable to hate everyone, don’t do it. A warm open heart will attract much more people than you can imagine. Be nice and helpful, don’t offend the others. Smile and be polite. It is easier than you think!

If someone doesn’t say hello, do it first. Don’t be afraid that someone will use your kindness. The good must have a start, so why don’t you start it yourself?


4) Optimism as a lifestyle


Forget mumbling about how bad everything is going. All of us have problems, and sometimes these problems might grow, but anyway, it is still not the reason to whine. Try to notice good details in any situation, pay attention to small points like sunny weather or no traffic jams, for instance. Of course, it is not that easy to change your thoughts completely, but you have to start. Unless you think positively, you won’t attract any attention. When you see your life in bright colors, you kind of shine with this positive, and it makes other people like you.



5) Be the first to speak

If you are an introvert it might be hard for you to make friends or to communicate with new people. Force yourself to ignore this discomfort, at least a couple of times! Come up to your new colleague or groupmate and say hi. I bet no-one will bite you. Besides, you will get the chance to find a good friend. Who knows, maybe you will find common interests or create something together? Don’t be scared to make the first move.


6) Think about the others


People really appreciate those who are ready to listen and understand. If you talk only about yourself and your problems, it will definitely become your drawback. Be patient and pay attention to what the other people say, don’t be indifferent to their worries, give them a piece of advice if they need it. Showing that you care attracts people.


7) Talk less, do more

We always get irritated by people, who do nothing, but tell everyone how they should live. Be a good example to others: concentrate on your goal and move to it. Purposeful people are usually very calm, confident and kind. They also are honest with themselves, that’s why they live in a harmony. Try to do the same if you want to achieve your goals and attract people.


These psychological hints will help you become popular. But ask yourself once again: is that really what you need?


Try to simply be yourself and enjoy your life!

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