How To Clean Whole House In 20 Minutes A Day

Your flat has turned into a pile with lots of goods and chattels? Tired of hiding all these staff in a small pantry? Lazy about dusting furniture and getting rid of magazine heaps that have been collected for 10 years? Today JjJj is going to tell you how in just one month to change your apartments completely, devoting your clean only 20 minutes a day.

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After starting a thorough cleaning in your house introduce the following new rules:

1. Zone for things entering your house

Choose a special place where you will be able to put staff you bring from shops, a small pantry, a garage or just after buying products, clothes and other sufficient staff in supermarkets. This place should be not big.

2. Start washing up immediately after taking meals

You are not a collector to keep piles of dirty dishes and plates in a sink. Yes, you have to overcome your laziness and spare 10-15 minutes after each breakfast, dinner and supper. The result will be noticeable: in a few weeks you’ll understand that there should be no place for dirty saucepans, plates, pans, spoons and cups. If you can’t cope with all the staff in your kitchen, buy at least a small dishwasher to help you.

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3. Do not consider laundry as a top event of a week

Do not follow a bad habit to collect piles of unwashed clothes, towels and shirts in your bathroom. Do laundry regularly in order to avoid keeping lots of dirty things in a laundry basket.

4. Music and light whistle mean great mood

You can sing by yourself or turn on some cheerful music while cleaning your house. Music sets the rhythm and motivates extremely well. Don’t know what kind of music to listen? Find HERE.


5. Use a clock register

Our talk is aimed on getting to know about a quick 20-minutes clean. 20 minutes will be enough to do one kind of cleaning work around your flat or house. As the result, in just one month you will see how your house will change for better. However, you can’t do it without a clock register since your rhythm can glork. So use any clock register with a signal: from your alarm clock to a beeper on a mobile phone.


Let’s go to our 30-days plan called “20 minutes a day”!

Each point is for one particular day here. So be attentive and follow the instructions.

  1. Get rid of dust in your living room and a kitchen (wipe tables, shelves, cupboards, vacuum carpets or other synthetic coverings.
  2. Clean your bathroom and toilet (wash sinks, a toilet bowl, mirrors, a bath or a shower cabin, floor and walls).
  3. Clean a bedroom (put all the things on their places, hide toys for children in special boxes, hang your clothes in a wardrobe, dust the furniture).
  4. Tidy other rooms (your cabinet, store room, children’s room).
  5. Wipe tables and all the other surfaces in a living room and a kitchen.
  6. Clean your bathroom.
  7. Wash all the windows in your flat (do not forget about newspapers and vinegar for doing this).
  8. Sweep the floors in your house.2
  9. Wipe the dust in a bedroom.
  10. Clean your living room (mirrors, surfaces, dust statues, paintings and souvenirs on the shelves).
  11. Clean a bathroom and a toilet.
  12. Establish an express order in your wardrobe (hang all the clothes, put accessories on the shelves, lay up your clothes).7 - ?????
  13. Dust things in other rooms.
  14. Tidy up your bedroom thoroughly (put pillow on their places, dust the floor under your sofa or bed, make beds, dust statues and souvenirs, lamps and ventilator, sweep, put all the other things in their places).6
  15. Dust furniture in a living room and a kitchen).
  16. Clean your bathroom and toilet thoroughly (a hand dryer, bins, wipe the mirrors, put all the things in their places).
  17. Wipe all the door handles, phone wires and mobile phones, distance controls, turn-offs, railings and other things you always take.
  18. Unfreeze, wash and wipe your fridge, throw away all the spoilt products and medicines, put everything on their places.
  19. Tidy up your hall, sweep a porch, clean a car.
  20. Dust furniture in a living room and a kitchen.
  21. Dust things in a bathroom, wipe dirty surfaces.
  22. Dust furniture in your bedroom.
  23. Sweep and vacuum all the floors in your rooms.1
  24. Arrange the order in all the wardrobes, chest of drawers and cupboards.
  25. Dust your living room and kitchen.
  26. Clean your kitchen thoroughly (wash, wipe, throw rubbish, set new tables tissue papers, change towels and rubbish bags).
  27. Wipe all the surfaces in your bathroom and toilet.
  28. Dust a bedroom.
  29. Wipe, wash and clean thoroughly something you have not got time for earlier.
  30. Sweep and vacuum the floors in your house.


Remember that it will be not easy, but in just one month you will see 100 % order in your house. Please, do not let all this mess come to your apartments again!

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