How To Overcome Allergy Without Medicines

Are you among those who are afraid of summer pollen, grass, city dust because of allergy? Then you have to read this article obligatory! We are going to tell you how to overcome allergy without taking medicines you used to.

To be short, we can describe allergy as the process when your organism decides to guard itself against the outside “enemies”: pollen, wool, grass, food stuff, household chemical goods (many of you were definitely feeling this itch after using chemicals for cleaning your apartment).

There exist lots of types of allergy. Moreover, according to scientists’ conclusion, popularities of most developed countries suffer from allergy much more frequently. The reason of this is pretty simple.

Our immune system is divided into two main parts:

  1. the first one fights viruses,
  2. the second one struggles bacteria and parasites.


It is the second part causing allergy. If some part of the immune system is weakly engaged in its functioning, it starts missing and inventing new tasks by its own. So the fewer bacteria we have in our apartment after cleaning, the more chances to get allergy. We have not many parasites in developed countries.

On the contrary, in non-developed countries the bacteria and parasites rate is much higher. So the second part of our immune system is pretty busy, having no time for searching new “enemies”. As the result, allergy is much less frequent there. Ipso facto, some countries sell extraordinary cure for allergy – pig tapeworm! Extremely disgusting, but the true fact is that after taking the capsule people win any kind of allergy forever.

Now let’s get acquainted with our useful tips.

Exclude all dairy products

Milk digests in our organism badly. The reason is not a lactose, but in a dairy protein that breaks up badly. If in the digestive process it isn’t divided into separate peptides, this group of particles is perceived by our immune system as a danger. Due to this, our organism starts allergic reactions or intensifies those which have already taken place. Rejection will give you guaranteed improvement in just a few weeks or even earlier.


Exclude gluten and other products which you are intolerant to

The main sense is the same as described in the previous point. Many researches prove interconnection between dietary allergy and other types of allergy. Consuming food which you are intolerant to, you automatically expose your organism to a possible risk, especially, if you have some predisposition to it (for instance, through genes).

Why do we recommend excluding dairy products and gluten-contained food? Because they are the leading products which people are intolerant to. This is one of the reasons why gluten is subjected to critics today.

Take vitamin C daily

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that suppresses allergic reactions of your organism. Besides, it dilutes blood and takes part in oxidative processes. These peculiarities relieve any allergy.

 If you go in for sports, especially in the open air (it includes lots of allergens), take 1 g of vitamin C 30-60 minutes to your training, and you will definitely breathe easier since vitamin C will improve your blood circulation.


Follow this dosage during an allergic season: 1-2 g a day for adults (starting from 18 years old). Take your vitamin before meals.

Take magnum

Magnum takes part in hundreds of processes in your organism, including relief for our immune system. Lack of magnum can lead to weaken immunity.

Dosage: 300 mg (for adults) before sleep.

Eat more pineapples

Pineapples contain bromeline. This is a digestive enzyme which helps to break up milk and gluten proteins and, in such a way, to relieve your allergy.

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Include Omega 3-containing products

Omega 3 fatty acids take part in cells building, as well as protects cell membranes. The stronger these membranes are, the fewer allergic reactions will be.

Dosage: 1000 mg cod-liver oil a day (for adults) or a plain portion of fatty fish a day. You can find the greatest concentration of Omega 3 in the following products:

  • mackerel,
  • Salmonidae,
  • herring,
  • walnuts,
  • linseed oil and seeds,
  • cold-pressed rapeseed oil,
  • sardine.

Drink more clean water (not less than 1,5 l a day)

Water takes part in all the metabolic processes, including detoxication. During your allergy detoxication is a vitally sufficient thing. That’s why it’s really important to drink enough water.

Want to find out whether these tips work? Then you are welcome to try them all. The result will be noticeable, we guarantee.

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