How to Sell Your Car at a Higher Price?

Get maximum money for your car – sell on!

In this article will teach you some tips how to sell at a higher price and get real great money for your used car! Read, enjoy and share with friends!

In the life of every driver sometimes comes a time when you have to leave your favorite (or not favorite) car. Some people are forced to sell iron friend, because the cost of its maintenance over the years become unaffordable. Others – simply to change to a new car, while the third, along with family circumstances have changed life priorities.

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Along with thousands different reasons for the sale, there is only one thing that unites all car owners – the desire to sell the car as quickly as possible and to gain the maximum possible money. It seems unreal, isn’t it? Yes, it quete real, but you should make a some efforts.

The-Chocolate-Split-Dance-Craze-Gif[1] doesn’t give you advice to roll mileage on the odometer or to betray a trash like a car “in perfect condition”, it is scam. And we don’t like it as well, as you.Instead – let’s talk about the correct method of sale and supply of information about the car.

Be Online

The most convenient way to sell a car is using special Internet sites. is the most popular in Nigeria, all ads add real people with real commercial offers.

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There’s plenty of visitors, who deliberately chooses a particular type and model of car – perhaps, it’s yours! If you’ve decided how much you want to get in exchange for the keys to your car, safely submit ad on And basically give up the services of middlemen who probably will call first – but in the same moment they will try to knock down 15-20 percent of the car’s cost. On the subsequent sale of these “traders” and just get the same (or even more) money, which you might keep in your wallet.

More Information

Remember: customers appreciate the information. The more useful information should be indicated in the declaration – the vehicle, fuel consumption data, the passage of technical maintenance, operating conditions, – the interest a potential “victim” to your car will be livelier. Don’t forget to list the additional equipment that you had set for the period of ownership.


Don’t be lazy!

If you are going to get for your car really good money – you should work hard to show potential buyers the car in a proper appearance. It will be ideal – when you make it so beautiful, that you will be sorry sell it (and it’s better to mention about this with potential buyer).


For example, polishing with paint doesn’t pull large investments, but may cause the car body in almost pristine condition. The same applies to the faded plastic headlamp and rear light – a simple and inexpensive procedure of the polishing optics will help you to return the vehicle presentation.


Good seller will buy new hubcaps or renew coverage on wheels, hold dry cleaning. On the technical side, everything is very individual. In some cases (if you have money) you may invest in low-cost repairs to the make a thrill of first driving experience on your car positive. But when shortcomings are too troublesome and costly – it’s better to reduce the price in a view of the upcoming repairs.

One car – two ads

You will be surprised, but the reaction of customers is highly dependent on formalization of the ad. For starters: there is a general rule – the photos don’t happen too much. Then, if you want to improve your chances – place two ads. In the first variant we recommend to post pictures of the usual quality – made, for example, by a mobile phone or a simple camera. Many people believe that the car looks more realistic, without embellishment in such way.


And in the second case you should a little tense up and ask another photographer to make high-quality images with the help of a professional SLR camera – this is for those customers who “bite” on quality and beautiful image.

Female charm

Another trick – to place ad about selling car on behalf of the couple, girl or just friend. Majority of car buyers – are still man, so it will be more pleasant for them to deal with a female voice on the other side of the handset.

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And when it comes to viewing and real communication with the buyer “in the hood”, you can hold all in your own hands. And in this situation, potential buyers trust to the man much more. But make words of “your voice” and yours identical, don’t confuse the client.


Tell the truth

And even you have bad condition of your car, try not to hide information about its misadventures. Especially if it’s not too fundamental things: for example, repainted because of chipping the hood or bumper replacement after an unsuccessful parking.


If the repair was performed professionally, you have absolutely nothing to fear. Therefore it’s better to say about all shortcomings in the car by yourself. When customer  will discover the truth, he will begin to bring down the price. If you did everything correctly, then there is a good chance to make a great deal and stay with good money.


So, be smart in selling your favourite car. Always compare the prices of similar offers!

Get maximum money for your car – sell on!