How to wear headphones properly?

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Real professionals prefer to wear headphones not as this do other music listeners. How and why? gives you an interesting answer in this article!


In-ear headphones, which are often called plugs, and traditional beads – are probably the most popular form of headphones. They have the smallest dimensions, can be placed in the pocket, and also have stylish look and an excellent sound. Why haven’t they finally conquered the market, leaving the various types of classic overhead headphones for home and studio using?

Even if you leave outside the scope of article review of the technical and sound characteristics of various types of headphones, small earbud headphones and gags have other major drawbacks.

Unfortunately, the first type tends to fall out of the ear, particularly in active wearing. Second type stands tightly only with the right selection of ear cushions, and this in spite of the huge selection, it turns out not all.

Therefore, the second type can also fall (but with great trying). And, of course, there is narrowed sound picture compared with overhead headphones. In addition, overhead headphones can be moved or hung around the neck, thereby continuing to hear the sound and what is happening around if is necessary.


Some models of professional in-ear monitors offer a partial solution to the problems described above. For example, Sony XBA-Z5 or more cost Sennheiser IE 80 are designed to be worn on the contrary – up cable. Thus, the main burden falls on the wire replacement, and the earphones are much more durable.

There is another useful feature associated with such wearing: size of headphones can be more large, which allows you to put in a single package multiple emitters. Often wire of headphones is placed in such way.

In inverted wearing of headphones you can always hang them on the ear. It will be the same effect as in wearing headphones around your neck overhead.

Fortunately, not only professional headphones are designed for such wear. Specialized inverted models exist for low-cost buying. For example, semi-Fischer DBA-02 mkII, mkIII two emitters and Fischer Audio Eterna Pro. Also besides of turned upside cable, these headphones differ in that is better closer to the ear.


Sony XBA-Z5

Sennheiser ie 80

Sennheiser ie 80

Fischer DBA-02 mkIII

Fischer DBA-02 mkIII


What to do with conventional headphones?

In most cases, they can be worn in a standard way, you can wire down and inverted: simply turn them over and put the cable in the ear. Some models don’t allow the crank-like trick, such as the popular Apple EarPods. At first sight. But if you swap the left and right headphones you can do this, not being afraid to pull in the most difficult time of exercise.

By the way, the athletes especially should pay attention to such models of headphones and headsets. They provide the most tight fit in the ear canals at all loads and speeds. In particular, pay attention to the budget headset Bluedio Q5.

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