Interesting Facts About The Internet

Internet is not just a form of obtaining information and communication platform, it’s something more. This is the thing that affects our lives, and even controls them sometimes. According to this, we decided to gather a few interesting facts about the Internet.


Interesting facts connected with the Internet

The technology that lies at the heart of today’s Internet originated in the distant 1960 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The first message that was sent can be read as «LOG». Why? The user was trying to print «LOGIN», but the network was disturbed because of the huge overload of data in the letter G. (This all happened before the invention of the contact).

The history of the Internet began as a separate page: //


History of the first Smile begins quite simply. The first emotion that was transferred  by electronic means in 1979, belongs to Kevin McKenzie, and it looked like this: “-)”. And three years later Scott Fehlman created another version of the Smile “: -)”.

On YouTube appears about one hundred hours of new video every minute. To see all the movies, which were added to this site only during one day, you’ll need more than sixteen years.


The first web-camera was installed in the University of Cambridge in 1991 on the coffee machine, with the help of which the staff of the University could check when their coffee was ready. The device, which records an image with a resolution of 128×128 pixels, was connected to the network in 1993.

It sounds almost incredible: there are seven very carefully selected people in the world which keep so-called “keys to the Internet.”. It’s the electronic cards, which contain code that allows to restart the entire Internet, in the literal sense. If a global hacker attack will happen, the “guardians of the Internet” will be immediately transported to a military base in the US, where they will activate their keys and then the global network will be disabled.

The first advertising banner appeared on the network in 1994 as a part of the campaign of a AT&T firm, the telecommunications giant.

Let’s talk a little bit about the statistical facts:

  • every 8th couple met through the internet;
  • each 10-couple breaks up because of the love of a spouse “to chat with friends on the Internet”;
  • approximately 70 domains are registered in the Internet every minute;
  • every minute bloggers leave about 1,500 new posts and open about 60 new blogs;
  • the average person spends about 51 minutes per session in the Internet;
  • average index reduced to 25 hours of Internet per month;
  • average time viewing web-pages is about 45 seconds;
  • more than 80% of the images in the network – naked women, and one-third of all queries in search engines dedicated to pornography;
  • about 70% of Internet users – male;
  • Internet crimes are committed every 10 seconds all over the world;
  • among the 247 billion emails sent every day, 81% is spam;
  • four years after the invention of the Internet about 50 million people have already used it. For comparison, it tooks 75 years for creation of such audiences of phone users, radio – 38 years, television – 13 years, and the game Angry Birds… just 35 days!
  • Worldwide, there are nearly four billion active email accounts. Daily they sent about 190 billion messages. According to studies, 80 percent of these messages can be a simple spam. By the way, the story of the appearance of the word spam is also interesting. The word has its origins from the name of a brand of canned meat «Spam», which became known for its annoying ads.