Non Standard Interview Questions In Hiring

A decision on the suitability of challenger shall be made only after the candidate answered a few questions. They may be announced during the interview or be in the application form. Standard and, especially, non-standard questions asked during hiring – are the most reliable ways to get an objective picture of the candidate.

In most cases, the candidate’s resume contains only the information that he considers appropriate to tell about himself to the employer. Naturally, it’s incomplete and reflects only his positive qualities and traits. And that is why it is necessary to ask supplementary questions. In some instances in addition to traditional questions managers should ask the candidate unusual questions to identify traits that are required for the effective discharge of duties due to the specifics of a particular job.


Questions that are considered traditional:

-Tell us something about yourself, your previous experience;
-Tell us about the difficulties that you had to overcome;
-Why did you left (or planning to leave) previous place of work;
-Why did you choose our company;
-What is attractive for you in this workplace;
-Why should we choose you.


Non-standard questions in hiring:

-What reasons motivated you to take part in the competition for this post;
-Why should we take you on job;
-Having received job offers from other companies, why did you refuse;
-What activities attract you in our company;
-What is your priority in choosing a place of work;
-Do you have a reason to be proud of yourself, what is it;
-Tell us about your strongest sides, as a professional;
Tell us about two or three cases in which your professionalism wasn’t good enough.

Popular stressful questions are, for example, questions about private life, please to perform a popular dance or even a direct insult on the candidate. In stress-interview are often used situational questions, such as how should the candidate behave in any conflict or an emergency situation.

Psychological questions are also often used in hiring. The basic knowledge of psychology will help to assess the sincerity of the candidate and to get an idea of the properties of his character: self-control, endurance, self confidence, willingness to take responsibility for their decisions and actions, the presence of leadership.


In some companies, which require crystal-clear biography and increased loyalty from employees during the hiring can be used polygraph – lie detector. Questions for polygraph should be considered in advance.
The list of questions should include neutral questions that the candidate will answer without hesitation and without experiencing the excitement, and those questions, answers to which can be uncomfortable for him.