Reader’s Joy: What To Read When You Feel Down

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We all have faced a period in our life when nothing goes right. Problems surround you like ocean’s waters surround a little island, and you feel weak and unprotected.

Don’t deny this state. What you need to do is to accept it. Yes, you have some problems, and yes, they can upset you. Live it through. And then, after it you are ready to start fighting this state.

Psychologists say that reading calms down even better that a walk around the town. Knowing this, we offer you a list of books which are good to read when you feel sad.


1) Jerome K. Jerome ‘Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)’


A wonderful and funny story about three friends and their dog. There gentlemen decided to have a rest from their daily work, and that is when their adventure begins.

A brilliant tale with tricky English humor and beautiful landscape descriptions will make you laugh even on a dull day. Although ‘Three Men in a Boat’ was written in far 1889, it’s wonderful how funny and interesting it still is nowadays.

Jerome says that he was not actually going to write it as a comic novel. It had to be a travel guide around the river Thames, which was going to contain some funny elements (just for the reader not to get tired). But then the funny stories took over the point and Jerome K. Jerome continued writing it in a different way.


2) Ray Bradbury, ‘Dandelion Wine’


A story where everyone can find him- or herself.

All of the kids are different, but there is something common about the childhood around the whole world.

You might ask: okay, I see, 12-year-old Douglas (the main character) buys himself a pair of new shoes and helps his grandfather make dandelion wine. But how can it refer to me?

Start reading this book and you will find the answer.

There are many wonderful, almost magical stories about Douglas and his life, but I guarantee that in some of them you will recognize yourself.


3) Jane Austen ‘Emma’


Jane Austen is more or a female author, but her books are read all over the world by men as well. The novel called ‘Emma’ is not as popular as ‘Pride and Prejudice’, but is also very interesting and can easily make you timetravel back to the Victorian Age.

A story is much more lively that other Austen’s tales, which can sometimes be boring. ‘Emma’ is quite humorous and bright, and it tells us a story of a clever and witty woman, who tries to match her friends and aquaintances with each other.

The novel has a very unexpected ending and really is worth reading. You will see the other side of Jane Austen.


4) Joanne Harris ‘Chocolat’


Chocolate is a good energizer and a perfect weapon against depression. So no surprise that this book is for you, if you feel down!

A charming lady Vianne comes to the little provincial town and changes its life completely. She opens a sweet-shop and sells chocolate there. But that chocolate is not simple: it has a mysterious harmonious effect.

Love, passion, tenderness and magic – it all mixes up in this novel and gives you an incredibly good mood.


5) P. G. Wodehouse ‘Jeeves and Wooster’


An outstanding series of comic books telling about a British aristocrat Berty Wooster and his valet Jeeves. These two face different problems, which turn into funny cases. As a constant friend and a smart man, Jeeves always rescues Wooster and helps him deal with the troubles.

All in all, a splendid humor and a pleasant style. You will laugh out loud and recommend this book to your friend.

By the way, if you like the first book you will be pleased to hear that there are MANY stories in the series. More than 40 for sure.

Young woman lying on grass, reading book, portrait, side view

So, if you like reading and prefer to fight your bad mood in this way, the list we have offered you has to improve your state and make you feel at least a little bit happier.

But choosing the right book isn’t it. If you want to have an absolute relax, try to find a place where nobody can disturb you. Make it comfortable: put some pillows or a warm blanket on a sofa or chair, which is going to be your reading place. Make yourself your favorite drink and only then start reading. Make this process nice and pleasant and enjoy it till the very last moment.

Travel to the other worlds and times with the help of the good books. And remember: a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.