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Sport Without Smartphones

We have used to run with our smartphones, inputting information about the food we have eaten and exercising at home. But still there are some reasons for doing sports without using your smartphone which does harm to your healthy lifestyle, especially if you are at the very beginning stage of your sport training. The article below will reveal these reasons.


I always run with my RunKeeper. Up to the recent moment I put information about the food I had eaten in MyFitnessPal in order to control the amount of calories which get into my organism. Exercising in a gym is not possible without Jefit, and when I am a bit lazy to visit a gym, I train at home with Quick 7.

1Everything with sports and keeping fit is associated with my smartphone applications. Moreover, up to the recent time I believed they are great because there, on the other side of my smartphone screen, are people who know much more about what I need for my overall health and nice figure.

Some weeks ago I came across the article written by a some author Stuart Hall who invented the 7 Minute Workout application. The story he told was about how he had created the application which was downloaded by 2,3 million users. In his article Stuart Hall gave many useful pieces of advice for other authors about how to promote their applications, how to reach success and make their apps popular.


However, one phrase completely drove me out of my wits:

“Explaining the 12 exercises (I had been digging around in Google, I had no idea what a plank was).”

Hey, buddy, let’s be precise. You made a sport application for million people who are likely to use it for their training, with no idea of what it really is? Unpredictable approach!

Later on, the Stuart’s application was bought by a sport Wahoo Fitness company. The set of exercises has been changed for several times already and, perhaps, it has become more helpful. But to that moment hundreds of thousand people around the world had been using this app.


Can you catch my idea about the fact that sports applications are not designed by sportsmen, but by ordinary peopel? Only sometimes they are familiar with the staff they are doing, but in most cases (for example, taking into consideration Stuart Hall’s invention) they are not. In fact, it is pretty easy to make the unaware people trust in your sports applications. Marketing will help for this reason.

MyFitnessPal, for instance, counts the amount of calories you consume and spend during the day. However, in the overwhelming majority of such applications 500 kcal of Nutella are equal to 500 kcal of chicken breast, but this is completely wrong. They also neglect your metabolism speed, though it is a well-known fact that every person has its own speed of assimilation process.

In addition, sports application can make you train but they cannot make you love sport. Most apps in App Store and Google Play refer to running sport and exercising at home. OK, you download it, exercise during a day, then train for one week, two weeks, and then you become boring doing this staff, so you remove it. What is the problem in that application? The problem is that creators do not take into account your personal likes. What if you will be interested in keeping fit with football or squash which are believed to be very energetic games.


Thus, it seems that sports applications simplify our life since they are like a virtual sensei who always gives pieces of advice and compliments for your efforts and achievements. However, the sensei is too universal to give everything the particular person requires. Need some sport knowledge? Read books about sports and ask people with sports experience who you trust.

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