Want To Buy A Gadget For Present?

Do you want to be creative in choosing the best gift for a friend, as well as to follow modern life? We have created a list of up-to-date devices for present. You and your friend will certainly be pleased!

Ringly – a precious smart-ring

This ring is a perfect present for any woman. It is not just a pretty ring with a gem, it’s the unique gadget which synchronizes with a smartphone giving vibrosignals and twinkling about income calls and SMS. Depending on a model, a ring can be decorated with emerald, moonstone, pink sapphire and black onyx.


Up to this moment there isn’t a similar ring for men, but designers are already going on for creating it. Today you can order the smart ring for only $185-250 here.

Sport tracker Jawbone UP 24

Jawbone UP 24 – one of the coolest passometer. It will be an ideal gift for those who have decided to keep fit but have some problems with self-organization. The bracelet synchronizes with your smartphone via Bluetooth (the first Jawbone UP version is cheaper and has all the same functions, but it synchronizes with a smartphone via a cable). Jawbone UP 24 has a simple but pleasant appearance with no clasps.


It is worn like a ordinary bracelet on a wrist. The tracker will control its owner’s condition both in the daytime and nighttime. It is also possible to have your nutrition and mood diary there. Want to order it for only $100? Visit the website and get the best present for your friend!

WhisleGPS – a tracker for a favourite pet

If your friends have a dog, this present will be very pleasant for them! WhisleGPS is a small and light in weight device which automatically synchronizes with a smartphone informing about your pet location and activity.


The tracker is fixed on a pet’s collar and does not impede your pet to explore the surrounding world.  Moreover, it is water-proof and can work without charging to 7 days. You can buy the tracker here for nearly $80.

Smart watches for children (about $150)

Children will certainly love these jolly multicoloured watches that will offer them a variety of games along with informing parents about the children’s location and safety. Buy a perfect present for kids here.


Music Track Mini Mixer

Music Track Mini Mixer – a smart device for budding DJ’s that will be a great present for teenagers keen on music! It will allow the easy crossing between two different music devices, for example, from an MP3 player and an iPhone to a laptop and iPod Shuffle. The price of this gadget is nearly $20. Interested? Then purchase it on the website.Your teenager friend will not be disappointed!


Simple present ideas

In case you have taken no ideas of unusual presents from the article, buy not less important and helpful thing – a tablet or a mobile phone, for instance. You can purchase some interesting or even exclusive tablet, or take a cheaper one on JiJi website.


There is a great variety of used gadgets, so you can pick up a favourite according to its functions, condition and price. Moreover, you should take into consideration what is a tablet or a phone will be for, what kind of operating system it should work on and get familiar with its screen size and storage.


Thus, you have learned about new unusual things to present. We hope this article was helpful and informative.

You can propose other gadgets ideas for present, as well.