Why Lawyers Prefer BlackBerry

If you had to create a verbal portrait of a successful lawyer, what mobile phone would you imagine in his hands? I am sure that almost everyone would say BlackBerry, because there are a lot of reasons for this. In this article we will tell you in details about these reasons.

Funny conversation, New York City

Each of us makes a choice based on completely different criteria buying a new mobile phone. Someone is trying to emphasize his status in society choosing an expensive and stylish gadget. Someone wants to have a constant access to social networks and listen to music in transport. For someone, phone – is a work organizer that allows schedule appointments and keeps business contacts. However, most modern people want to combine all of these options in a single device.

Lawyers prefer additional safeguards to protect confidential information as well as comfortable access to e-mail for correspondence with colleagues and customers choosing a mobile phone. Taking to consideration these facts, lawyers all over the world prefer smartphones BlackBerry for many years, which are always considered an integral part of the image of a successful and busy person.

Data protection and privacy of correspondence

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The main advantage of these smartphones is a BlackBerry Enterprise Service, which is very popular among corporate clients. Large companies can operate the mobile phone of any employee who is on the network through a system administrator using the smartphone BlackBerry. Therefore, the law firm can easily delete records remotely in case of the loss or theft of the device, which contains important information related to the client. The administrator also has access to other features which may protect your company from the loss of confidential information, for example, the block for using the camcorder or other functions of the gadget.

If you don’t work for a state establishment, you can also insure against leakage of confidential data from your smartphone Blackberry. All you need is to register a BlackBerry ID, which will allow you automatically erasing of all the data on the phone if an unauthorized person repeatedly entered the wrong password.

The majority of people have long been talking about the impossibility of wiretapping conversations on BlackBerry. And to some extend they are right. These smartphones have officially withdrawn from use in certain countries by the authorities on the grounds of national security due to the fact that the local intelligence agencies can’t control them.

Top-2 models BlackBerry


Release of two new models BlackBerry – full touchscreen Z10 and touchscreen smartphone with qwerty-keyboard Q10 has become a significant event. So, what is the attractiveness of these BlackBerry? And one more important thing – in what aspects are they better than the iPhone?

Users point to a broader and more convenient screen of BlackBerry Z10, and faster and more reliable operating system of both new products.

One of the advantages of innovative smartphone is BlackBerry Hub Service. This is a useful application that enables smartphone users to keep abreast of all the main sections: on one screen, you instantly track new messages from your mail, fresh SMS, missed calls, reminder from the organizer, as well as updates in the social networks in which you are registered. This greatly saves your time.

Other useful technical specifications


In this category we can include powerful camera with 8 megapixels and autofocus, which allows lawyers quickly and accurately take photos of case files in the court without errors for later usage. When the lawyers come into the office, they will connect the smartphone to the computer without problems using a standard micro-USB cable and synchronize the device (this can be either Windows or Mac). It is necessary to indicate that the phone is connected simply as removable media – USB flash drive. BlackBerry also offers a number of paid and free of charge applications for lawyers.

Business device

For sure you often saw that the majority of businessmen and busy people have at least two phones – for official and private number. In most cases, this is the combination of a pair of iPhone – BlackBerry. By the way, many people buy BlackBerry as a fashionable phone, which gives an opportunity to show your business status once again.