10 Old Lifehacks To Follow Today

Some of the old tricks seem to be ridiculous, but the others can be applied today. That is why we decided to collect some useful hints you can try.

How to define cardinals with your watch

If you need to define cardinals but you so not have a compass, you can make it from a common watch. For this purpose put dispose your watch with  its hand directed to the sun. Then find an angle between an hour hand and 12 o’clock and devide it in your mind onto teo halves. The line deviding this angle will show the South. Take into consideration that the South will be situated to the right side before the afternoon and to thw left side after it.


How to detect escaping gas

Escaping gas is a very dangerous situation that can lead to poisoning and even explosion. That is why you should know one simple method to check your pipes and joints. You should spread soap solution on the suspected place on the pipe and look at it attentively. If you see bubbles on that place, call the gas service workers.


How to extract a long nail

If you need to extract a long nail, lay a small wooden bar under the instrument. It will serve a bearing.


How to insert a cork back into a bottle

It is not an easy thing to insert back a cork into a bottle. The top paty of the cork is always wider than bottom one. Try to lay the cork on the floor, press it with your shoe sole and walk on it for several seconds. Before this manipulation wipe your sole with a napkin to follow the hygine principles.


How to preserve valuable vases

Partly fill the vase with some sand that will keep it upright and firm on its base. It is especially useful for those vases that have small bases and are inclined to be top heavy.


How to cut fresh bread

If you want your bread slices to be even and whole, sink a knife into the boiling water and keep there for several minutes. Then wipe a blade of the knife with a napkin and cut your bread.


How not to dirty your clothes while painting

When you are painting a high located objects, a paint will certainly pour down the brush handle and then on your clothes and hands. In order to avoid this unpleasant situation take a small carton sheet and cut out a hole there. Insert your brush into a carton tightly and start working.


How to draw an ellipse

Everybody knows how to draw a circe with the help of threads and a nail. It is even simplier to draw an ellipse. You will need one more nail.


How to separate glass tumblers

If two glass tumblers have stuck together and you cannot separate them, try a method of contrast temperatures. Heat some water in the bowl and put there two glasses so that the water heats only a bottom glass. Pour some cold water into the upper glass or even add some ice there. After that manipulation you can easily separate these two glasses.


How to boil a cracked egg

When boiling an egg with a cracked shell an egg-white can run outside and it leads to unpleasant outcomes. In order too avoid it lust add some vinegar into the water. It will favour egg-white folding and will not let it run out.You can also achieve it with the help of a spoon of salt. It will not spoil an egg taste.


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