10 Things To Make You More Intelligent

Our brain is a pretty mysterious thing. For productive work it needs our care and attention. Read in this article about 10 great things to help your brain always be in tonus and, of course, to make you more intelligent.

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Drink water just after awaking

Drink two glasses of water 30 minutes after awaking daily. Your organism did not get water during the night time, so it is sufficiently important for people’s bodies to bring water in your organism after 6-9-hour sleep. Your organism, in general, and your brain, in particular, should not become dehydrated.


By the way, you can easily count how much water do you need a day. Just multiply your weight by 3 and divide by 100. For example, I am 80 kilograms, so I need 2.4 liters of water daily.

Read summaries of books during breakfast

Book reading is a cool thing, and breakfast is the best time for reading some kind of short articles. You can read a Twitter newsline, but will it really bring any use? You can also read news, but do you really want them in the very beginning of your day? Try to organize a without-news month. Believe me, all important news will reach your ears in any case, and all that will not influence your life is rubbish.


It is better to read book summaries during the breakfast time. What is a good book? Try to pay your attention on bestsellers. These are popular books, so, they cannot be bad. You (personally!) may dislike one of them. However, you need to learn its summary firstly in order not to spend much time on a dull book and get to know the main plot of the story, as well.

Drink green tea during work

I could write here long scientifically proved facts with researches and chemicals description, as well as their influence on different person’s organs, but I am not writing this article for this reason. Instead, I will advice you: drink green tea rather than coffee. It has a positive effect on our organism, your overall health condition and ability to work hard psychically.


6Day sleep is truly a good thing

A short day slumbering helps refresh your brain.

According to the recent researches, people who sleep during a day are able to learn quicker and more effectively.

Stop consuming sugar7

Sugar is harmful for your body! If you can, exclude sugar from your nutrition. Or just bring its amount to the minimum level. If you do not have such an opportunity, try not to eat sugar when you need to concentrate. Sugar does not allow your brain to work quickly. Eggs and fish, instead, are very useful for a brain.


Visit social networks a couple of times a week

Your brain adapts quickly to the information which you feed it with. If you always relax while surfing Facebook or Twitter or websites with funny but often insipid images, your brain will always be relaxed and it will be hard for you to turn to work. Make your brain work at the breaking point, feed it with some useful information. If you still need to relax, turn on a clock register for 10-15 minutes and look for some useless photos and quotations from various publics.

Read book instead of watching TV

While reading you are to create images of heroes, imagine their voices and even live the whole situations form a book. All these things help keep your brain in tonus.


Add physical activities to your life

Our brain is closely connected with our body. Physical exercises not only help us keep fit, but also make our brain work hard. You do not need to visit a gym, though, spending there all your free time.


Go upstairs on foot instead of using a lift, walk from a subway to your home. Leave some free time for light exercises.

Spend your time with people smarter than you

If you want to win chess game, choose a weak rival. If you want to learn to play better, choose a stronger one. The same is with our brain. If we communicate with people who are more intelligent than we are, we soon will be reaching for their high mental level. And you will certainly reach it!


Unfortunately, this rule works the wrong way, as well.

Walk in fresh air

There exist many articles about positive effect of fresh air on your organism. It is also useful for our brain functioning. It works due to oxygen comsumption. Feed your brain!


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