13 Simple Tips To Add Visual Magnificence To Interior

Many people like luxurious apartments, but only few of them can really afford them – the others just do not have enough money for decorating their houses and making it more comfortable and nice. However, there are some ways out. We want to share them with you.

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1. Look for old used furniture

You can find a lot of unique furniture on the local flea markets, in small antiquarian shops and garage sales. Many people sell the qualitative furniture for low price only because they bought the new one or decided to release their space from the things they do not need.


Of course, some pieces of furniture will require repairing or lacquering. Later they will look like the new ones. The advantage of used furniture is that it is usually made of qualitative natural wood but not of cheap materials, so it will serve you for long.

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2. Paint windows and walls

Renew your room – paint window frames. If you have wooden windows, you are lucky – you can sand them, paint and lacquer. If your walls are dark, paint windows in white.


You should better paint walls in the room in warm colours (or hang wall-papers of warm tones) which will go with furniture colour. You can also decorate walls with patterns: this is pretty easy; all you need is some talent and cheap paint. Important: make sure you buy a qualitative paint and it will stand the test of time.

3. Lay laminated plastic on the floor

If you carpet has already been worn out, throw it away without regrets and lay more long-lived covering – laminated plastic  which looks greatly on any floor.


You can even purchase laminate that looks like expensive floor tiles or wood.

4. Paint the doors

Replace your old door handles with the new ones, paint the door. You will be surprised how it is easy to breath new life in the old ugly door with the help of nice door handles and a paint.


By the way, choose blocking handles for your bathroom and bedroom – this way you will be sure nobody will come inside in the most inappropriate moment.

5. Hang photos or beautiful pictures on the walls

In case you have unframed photos on the walls, spend some money to buy beautiful frames from professional designers.


This will make any room look extremely wonderful and attractive, especially if you pick up the right pictures.

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6. Let there be light

Think of some stylish lamp to illuminate the room. Big dark rooms become alive and look much better in the correct illumination. You even do not need to spend much money: if you cannot afford yourself buying a new lamp, change the old one.


Dust it, paint or draw some pattern – it will look like the new one.

7. Hang book shelves

Let book shelves be on your walls. You can purchase the cheap ones made of natural wood and hang them on the walls by your own. Stands will add some solemnity and intensity.


Besides, you can keep many books and memorable little things taken from the countries you have visited.

8. No mess

Try to get rid of mess in your house and take away some decorative elements: extreme mess makes your house look dirty and neglected.


Put everything on its places – your room will look more spacious and beautiful.

9. Hang mirrors

Buy three or four vertical mirrors and hang them on the wall in raw – you will make the room bigger without ruining the walls.


Moreover, it will look even more interesting.

10. Purchase electronics on sales

If you want to buy new furniture or electronics, wait for the sale time. Many shops need to get rid of old goods in order to clean warehouses for new ones.


As a rule, shops has sales every year, and if you wait for a bit, you will exactly save much money.

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11. Clean forks and spoons

Cannot afford buying new spoons and forks? Then take away all the attritions and scratches of the old ones.


You can do it with the help of little sets for ware repairs which are sold in any hardware store.

12. Renew the kitchen furniture set

Favour your kitchen furniture set with new doors. Lots of people cannot afford changing the whole kitchen set, but they can change at least their doors. Moreover, the doors can be painted and fixed with new handles. This will help your kitchen become more convenient.


You may also try to change table tops (they can appear to be the most expensive part of your kitchen) and lay the walls with beautiful tiles.

13. Cast the paths in cement

If you live in a cottage, renew your paths by casting them in fresh cement. Nowadays you can find any colour of cement, it can also look like shale or expensive bricks.


Cement is much cheaper than the other materials and is better to be laid.

 Know any more tips to add? Share in comments!