7 Lists Every Person Should Have

We can consider lists to be vey sufficient part in our life, because they help in organizing your work, purchases, resting and many others life aspects. We have really got accustomed to lists so much that only a few of us realize what great inventions they are. In the article below we are going to speak about what lists are and what kinds of lists every smart person should write.

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If somebody asked me to describe the notion of lists and tell how significant they are in achieving our goals, I would compare them to a staircase. Our aims are like the tops of different height and complexity.


You can clamber the steep slopes, sliding down and stumbling over the unexpected obstacles. Or you can go up the stairs-lists in cold blood, moving confidently from one step-task to another.

Lists allow us break difficult tasks to lots of easier ones, tracking your progress and evaluating efforts you made for this or that particular task. They also do not let us forget about the most important things to do and help organize our daily routine in a proper way. Lists are everywhere; they can be extremely helpful almost in any sphere of life.

Creative ideas

Creative work is the spontaneous process and you cannot limit it to meet some standards. That is why creating the lists of valuable ideas, original discoveries and extraordinary thoughts will come to the rescue when your brain is not able to generate original ideas but you have to work things out of thin air.


Books you have to read

In case after having read the book you are thinking of the next one to read, it is time for making the list of books. Here you will note every book suggested by your friends, the books you have read about in our blog or just have seen in some person’s hands.


By the way, you can evaluate quickly the amount of the books you have already read, as well as recollect the most useful thoughts from these books.

Interesting events

The most awful thing is when you had decided to make the list of attractive places, unforgettable impressions and interesting events in your life, but suddenly realized you have nothing at all to write about.


Well, this is the great matter to go over your attitude to life again and start filling it with remarkable pages.

Current tasks list

Yes, this is boring and banal, but we couldn’t miss this kind of lists. They will help you cope with your daily routine easily, doing everything in time and be never late.


Moreover, it is the incredible pleasure to watch all the tasks crossed out in your list at the end of your difficult day.

List with films to watch

This is all the same as with the book list. There is such a great abundant of new movies getting their first screening! The well thought-out list of films to watch will secure you against the accidental choice and allow watching the film that meets your interests and likes.


Wish list

The wish crisis is not a joke. If once you felt the extreme boredom and realized you want nothing, this is it. You should love, protect and nurture your wishes.


And if you want them to grow better, write them down in your special list of wishes which has to include not less than 101 points!

Automated list

Everybody has got used to the rule that it is necessary to note only tasks to be done. However, sometimes you have to make the list of something you are restricted to do.


Drink, for instance, start smoking again, stare at TV all the time, lie… And if you have spent the day without the points from your black list, you are on the right track.

What kinds of useful lists do you have? Share with us!

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