7 Tips To Become Happy With The Faith In God

There are people with inner glow. They are happy and easy to make new acquaintances, other people always trust them. Such happy people give all around their love and appreciate. And they take this thousand times more. But what’s their secret? The answer is simple – love to God and to their life!


So, JiJi.ng gives you some important advice how to live successful and righteous life with God.

1. Nourish the soul, not your ego

Everything is simple: do what pleases you. Not all of our achievements fill the soul with joy. Regular processing can be helpful, but it ultimately leads to the depletion of not infinite reserves. The benefit of this behavior is less than the regular rest and relaxation. Buy shoes at last, which you want for a long time, treat yourself to an ice cream at lunchtime and watch old movies on all weekends without a break. Everyone – well, most of your actions should have one single reason: it brings joy. You don’t do it because it is the next item on the to-do list. Joy. For you. And Point.


And don’t forget about spiritual food for your soul, listen to classical music, read religious articles, paint a picture and spend your time with loved people and animals.

Elderly African-American man smiling and holding a pet therapy dog.

2. Trust your intuition

Before making important decisions listen to your feelings: God often prompts what we need even before we realize it. Take a break if you are tired. Go somewhere, if the soul asks for change. In short, when something goes wrong, ask yourself about the reasons – it must be a first thing.



If you are not a man-instinct, it takes some time to learn how to listen to the inner voice of God. Just take a break from all your worries, rest and honestly analyze your feeling. There are good chances you will know perfectly well what you want really in the nearest future. You just need time to stop listen to others and listen to yourself.


3. Learn something new

The process of obtaining new knowledge makes us happy, it’s a fact! It helps to prolong life and make it more interesting and eventful. Do you want to start with small – learn to sew, for example. The web is full of training videos, so learning this simple thing can’t even get you out of bed.

Creative woman using sewing machine to sew clothing

If you are attracted to the big goal – understand better your religion. Whatever you decide to do, you brain will be deeply appreciated in any case you.

4. Keep your heart clean

The grace of the Spirit increases in us only if we keep our hearts clean and keep a good conscience. As long as we beg the glory and honor of God, sadden him, then come to him with faith and ask for something  – it’s unreal. If our conscience condemns us, we can’t 100% trust in God, and as a result our faith weakens.


5. Take all tests

Our faith is growing thanks to the tests. But people are arranged so that they don’t understand this and lose faith in God.


Every completed test strengthens our faith, so instead of avoiding them, we need to be happy to accept them.


6. Start to keep a diary

Stress relief, creativity, increased self-confidence and a charge of inspiration – it’s better to share your thoughts with the diary. If it is given with difficulty, don’t take the obligation to write something every day.

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The process of creating the text is most important, so for the first time you can begin with a couple of notes per week. Set a timer, give yourself a simple theme, such as “How I can strengthen faith in God”, and write whatever you think. Believe, eventually you will look forward to these sessions.


And it’s very interesting to read your own thoughts after some time.

7. Best relaxation – the silence

Approximately 80% of visits to doctors in some way connected with the effects of stress, imagine what it is a terrible waste of time and money? More strikingly, everybody can reduce these costs. JiJi.ng gives you best advice … it’s right meditation.


These practices help to cope with stress, strengthen the immune system, to adjust sleep and feel truly happy. Just five minutes of such relaxation and thinking about God will make the day much more joyful. Another bonus: regular meditators think rationally and experience less anxiety when life throws up some surprises.

Have you tried these methods or you had something else? How you make your soul clean and happy? Share your tips in the comments with JiJi.ng readers.


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