All You Need To Know About Gaming Keyboards



The phenomenon of gaming keyboards appeared later than gaming mice. And so far the mouse is the first acquisition of a gamer, and the keyboard is on the second plan. However, the benefits of keyboards are obvious.


How users select the keyboards?

There are two types of keyboard layouts – American ANSI and English. One have short left Shift and double-decker Enter, another have long Shift and a little Enter. The layout also includes the availability of additional macro buttons and media buttons – some of them aren’t so necessary, others vice versa.

The buttons are very important. First of all their type: membrane or mechanical. Membrane switches are familiar, but often spongy. Mechanical keyboards offer key switches that are responsive when typing or moving in a game, and feel good to push down.

But apart from this, there are secondary characteristics: noise (a gamer may also like keyboards which don’t make a noise when the keys are pressed. In fact, they may not like any other noise except the one coming from none other than the game itself through their gaming headphones), stroke length, material, shape – all this affects the operation.

There is a unique offer of gaming keyboards – keypad backlighting. It’s also a nice little bonus that some of the keys have a separate backlight control from the rest of the keyboard.

Many models suggest the presence of audio jacks and USB-port – so there is no need to connect to the system unit headset, a mouse or flash drive.

In addition, keyboards differ greatly in size. This is determined by the overall layout with 104 or 87 keys, the presence of additional buttons and a space – some models are more than others. There is also extremely compact one, with preservation of all the basic functionality tournament edition.

You must pay attention on such a useful feature as the presence of “gaming mode” – the possibility to block unnecessary touch of a button. For example, the button stops working Windows or operate in a conventional manner the combination of Alt + Tab.

Finally, an important question is additional features, some keyboards acquired only for them. It may be a screen, touchpad, scroll wheel, and so on.


Questions that you should ask yourself when choosing a keyboard

There is a fairly simple list of questions, answers on which determine the choice of the optimal model of keyboards, depending on the way of application and user preferences:

-Is click needed when you press?

– Is backlight needed in principle, and are you interested in the ability of changing colors?

– Do you use macros?

– How much you need the macro buttons?

– Do you have the habit of using the stand for wrist rest?

– Do you wish to connect the headset and USB-device to the keyboard?

It is indeed difficult to name a certain brand of keyboard as the best gaming keyboard as it is a rather subjective matter and each and every gamers have their own preferences. Some may prefer a more stylish one, while some others may prefer one with more features and so on. It also depends on the game one usually plays the most.