Best Tablet For Students

In many countries, including Nigeria, millions of students and schoolchildren use tablets for their study. Tablets have become modern attributes in study process, having proved their effectiveness and gained recognition on a national level. Are you still asking whether a tablet is needed in university and whether it will help your children in school? The answer is obvious, I believe.


It is better to look for tablets which are designed special for students and schoolchildren. To start from the most popular brands with great reputation, you can pay attention on a budget ASUS Fonepad 7. Will this tablet become a friend and a good assistant in study? We asked this question some students who have already used this gadget.

Unexpectedly, but the first reason to choose Fonepad 7 was its stability:

This $230 tablet works really well!

Many budget gadgets are not balanced enough and have not many advantages.


The most important parameters of this student tablet are its lightness and compact dimensions. Fonepad weights only 290 grams.

Tablets working on Android with a 7-inch screen are the most popular all over the world. It can be proved by high selling statistics and users’ feedbacks:

A 7-inch screen is optimal for both, phones and tablets.

In fact, Fonepad 7 is a two-card phablet. Here you can find two slots for Micro SIM with 3G, as well as a built-in module for voice communication.


Mobile Internet allows working without Wi-Fi which is available not in every classroom. Two slots with 3G give you instance access wherever you need.

In the beginning, many students who have recently bought Fonapad 7 did not pay attention to the second slot in their device:

I had this second slot as an unnecessary bonus. I did not need it, really, and could not realize its advantage.

Our study demands constant Internet access. Modern young people got used to find different information there, as well as share it with their friends and classmates. They believe this method is a natural way to communicate with others and get to know something new.

Cloud storages, text editors and charts, Wikipedia and others… All materials for studying are gathered and sent into “clouds” and everybody who needs them can get them via appropriate applications on your tablet.


Fonepad 7 was upgraded to the latest Android 5. Now you will have the newest OS with improved notifications. All the necessary programs for studying are downloaded from the Google Play. You can find everything in the Internet. Today you can study in front of your tablet without opening your lection notebooks and textbooks. Preparation for exams became easier, as well.

In addition, there are many useful programs from the manufacturer. For your camera and photo, organizers, a TV control program, etc.

After a hard studying day you will want to have a rest and relax. This time many interesting games, social networks, YouTube and other capturing programs will come to rescue. Can this $230 tablet cope with all these things? Of course, it can! This device is able to substitute your computer as it is designed with Intel Atom Z2560 Dual-Core, 1.6.

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The battery capacity is indicated by several factors, including a battery of increased capacity (3950 mAh), an energy-efficient screen and overall optimization.


The TFT screen is of a very high quality, that is why you will not face troubles with its viewing angles, for instance.

Summer means constant picnics in the fresh air. Remember to take some music or films with you. Fonepad 7 has a dynamic located from the front side and working very loud. You can even use it like a TV set.


And, finally, the greatest advantage of ASUS which is mentioned by 99,9 % of users, – perfect quality of construction and reliability.