You have always been taught that to get good things you have to work hard. It is a good rule, but many people can approve that very often you don’t need to try that hard. It is funny, but some problems disappear themselves, and some of them don’t need some complicated solutions. The answers often lie on the surface, all you need to do is to notice them in time.

Earning money is a serious thing, because it’s your means for living. But, as with many other problems, there are easy solutions. Although it may sound as a trick, believe: you really can earn money easily.

And Jiji is here to give you the hints on how to do it!


Use what you can


We all have some special talents or are just good at something. Think about your skills: what can you do for living? Maybe you know some foreign language? Then you could become a teacher. Today you don’t need special education for it: there are many language schools where everything that matters is your knowledge. Or you can become someone’s tutor.

If you sew or knit, do it for money. Share some posts with the pictures of your works on the Internet and ask your friends to repost it. It may cause someone’s interest, and maybe your friends’ friends will be ready to order you something. By the way, handmade has become extremely popular in the recent couple of years, so take this chance! Why not use your hobby as a way to earn money? Loving what you do is a very important detail, and if you turn something you do for pleasure into your real job, it’s a double joy.




A lot of people dream of not going out, but working at home. Today there really are vacancies where there is no need for you to spend all your day at the office.  You can have a free schedule (or at least a more flexible one). Writing articles or designing logos is a very creative process which brings not only pleasure to the person who does it, but also good money, because it is in quite a big demand nowadays. And, surprisingly, freelancers can earn even more that those who have to be stuck in the office from 8 a m to 6 p m.

It is you who decides what to do and when to do it. Freelancing is a kind of training for self-perfecting, because you need to organize your working hours yourself, you need to choose topics yourself or come up with your own ideas for different projects.


Buying and selling online


Here you can get a bonus: you don’t just get rid of the things you don’t need, but also find people who are ready to pay for it!

A lot of people today use services like Jiji to sell something. Of course, it can’t be your constant source of income, but it can rescue you if you need quick money or if you have to get rid of something promptly, but don’t want to simply throw it away. It is also a good solution for the problem when you can’t have the thing you have bought for some reasons. For example, you have bought the TV, but in a couple of days you get one more, better that previous one. For instance, you can’t return it to the shop and have your money back. That is the case when you can send it on Internet.




A lot of organizations have their own websites and accounts in social networks, and they usually need people to moderate them. The work is not hard at all: you post the news, check what the others write and publish their comments, invite people to different meetings and so on. You also make some advertisement and share it on the Internet – long story short, you are the organization’s representative in the Web.

It may be surprising for you, but such people can earn really good money without big efforts. But, of course, if you have spending your time in front of the computer screen, it is not for you. And if you think that this job might be interesting for you, prepare for days and nights online, because sometimes you will really need to burn midnight oil because the content needs to be updated…



All in all, as you can see, there are simple ways of earning money. Be creative, discover the new ways to get salary and don’t complicate it – just use your skills. Do what you love and love what you do!