How to Buy iPhone in the Cheapest Way: Real Experience

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In this article gives you some real and useful advice how to make one of your dreams (iPhone) comes true. So, read and share with friends!

Today it’s hard to imagine life without smartphone. Almost every Nigerian has mobile phone or smartphone and uses it not only for calling, but also for playing, searching on Web, making photo. Also many people use smartphones for determination their social status, as a cars, clothes, jewelery and accessories.


Of course, status smartphones are quite expensive, so not everyone can buy it and they very often become a pipedream for many people. But how to make a dream closer and buy in the cheapest way super expensive smartphone, for example iPhone 6?


The best advice – from real people finds a man, who is a fan of Apple gadgets and tries to follow all it trends. But there is a one problem – he can’t buy many of them because of money lack. He didn’t give up and found a great way to buy cool Apple things for the lowest prices. How did he do that? Let’s read his personal history.

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Don’t go to the wise advice. Run the advice of cunning.

Real story: how to buy Apple 6 and not overpay

Hi, my name is Josh. I really obsessed with Apple gadgets. Of course, after appearance iPhone 6 on the market, I decided to get it at any way. But I was a simple office worker and couldn’t get it at full price, which was offered in most stores.

So, I had to find another method.


New iPhone is the pleasure not for everyone – only for rich and influential. Another thing – used iPhone.

But even used iPhone needs to be carefully chosen. I choose three optimal types of searching my dream phone – special stores, friends and online-marketplaces.

1. Special stores

I went to the nearest electronic stores and found there a lot of proposals, but I wanted only the last model only for minimum money. So, it wasn’t my option.


2. Friends and acquaintances

It’s really good variant, just because it is pointless to keep silent about some shortcomings of the friend’s device. Also, in 99 percent, you shouldn’t meet a scammer on your way to buying. Unfortunately, I hasn’t such friends with iPhone 6, but one my friend advised me to search on popular marketplace Thus, I have reached the third option.


3. Best online marketplace –

I went to and understood – it was all I need. 3 528 results of searching by word “iPhone”! But really surprise was for me their price – so cheap and cool smartphones.


Of, course, I have seen the ads of scam – their prices for iPhone 6 were fabulously small and unreal. But warns about fraud of such sellers! So, I look only for reliable sellers. And I have found, yeah!

One man sold iPhone 6 twice cheaper, than I had seen in the stores. He really needs money, because he went bankrupt with many credits. So, he decided to sell all remains of the former luxury, including iPhone 6. Man sells this smartphone so cheap, because it has a scratch on the back side. It doesn’t bother me – and I become a lucky man with favored iPhone 6. All thanks to JiJi!


Some tips from Josh: how to buy cheaper on JiJi

1. Sellers on are real people, so everything is in your hands – bargain, persuade, use all the psychological tricks. Most of sellers are ready for bargain, so for start they put the higher price.


2.Be sure to ask about all defects of things – sellers can “forget” about it.

For example, the former owner of my iPhone didn’t write about scratch in his ads. I learned about it thanks to my questions.


3. View maximum of ads.

Don’t dwell on the first ads. Those who search, find.


4. Please, don’t get fooled by scammers.

Yes, lowest prices beckon, but come to mind, if you want to buy something, not to run out of money.


Quite informative or too corrupt ads with obviously fake web profiles should be avoided. More should embarrass the strange conditions of the transfer unit and / or payment, as well as junk prices. If the seller is able to create an ad on marketplace, he knows the estimated cost of such hot commodity as the iPhone.

Read our article about scammers, here!

5. Try to search in different regions of Nigeria, sometimes price can very differ.


So, try to apply tips of Josh and buy everything you want in famous marketplace in Nigeria – cheap, fast, reliable!

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Find your smartphone of dream on!