How To Lose Weight Quickly

A season of vacations has already started. And who does not want to look attractive on sunny beaches? We offer some safe ways to lose a few extra kilos in short terms.

We all like quick solutions. We want to live in such a way to get everything easily. But, unfortunately, life is different. So your belly feast along with a couple of missed trainings will immediately change into some extra weight on a waist.

The following ways will not only help you become slimmer but also will improve your health.


The methods offered in this article are at least for 14 days. If you have some more time, you can prolong them for 4-5 weeks. Moreover, if you like these methods, you can live following them.

Firstly, I want to pay attention to the fact that some people will lose 2 kilos and the others – 5 and more kilos. But!

These tips will not work for those who have no extra kilos because some people are thin but still cannot stop on the achieved results and in any form they think they are fat. I would advice to consult a psychologist and work with self-feeling and self-esteem.

These tips will not work for those who will substitute restricted products. For example, if you choose a method where you should refuse consuming sugar-containing food but along with it double the rest of portions, you will achieve no result.

Method 1: refuse eating sweets

Any sugar-containing food holds up water and lead to extra weight storage. Sugar is related to the super quick carbohydrate category and increases the sugar level immediately, causing much extra energy. All the energy which did not soak by your cells will certainly deposit on your sides. This method will help not only get rid of some extra kilos, but also fight your fatigue and perfect the skin condition.


You can meet sugar in such products as sausage, bread, muesli and dairy products. So limit their consumption, as well.

Do not substitute sugar-containing food to dried fruits, fruits, honey, chips or other salty snacks. However, you may eat 2-3 fruits a day.

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Method 2: lessen simple carbohydrates to 15-20 %

Here belong:

  • bread,
  • all cereals,
  • macaroni,
  • sweets,
  • home-maid pies,
  • porridges.

Carbohydrates are a good source of energy for your body, especially for those people who train intensively.

Remember: all the simple carbohydrates should be consumed along with whole-grain products which are rich in cellular tissue, vitamins and minerals.

This means you cannot eat refined food.


Method 3: exclude all “liquid” calories

Here belong:

  • beer,
  • wine,
  • sweet fizzy water (even with a “Light” or “Without sugar” note),
  • juices,
  • cocktails,
  • coffee,
  • tea with sugar.

All these drinks immediately increase your blood sugar level with all the outcomes mentioned in the paragraph about sugar consumption. Besides, control your calories consumption in order not to overtake them. In a half-liter bottle of beer nearly 200 kcal are found! They soak quickly and go to your fat storage.

The same amount of calories can be found in a vegetable salad with olive oil and shrimps.


The particular attention is paid to fizzy water with “Light” note. Our organism reacts on sweet taste in the same way as common sugar. The blood sugar level in your body is increasing, your cells are waiting for energy, and much insulin for energy delivering is generated, but there is no energy actually because calorie content of drinks with sugar substitutes tends to 0. All in all, later your appetite increases and you eat more than usually.

You can substitute all these drinks to water! The result will be worth your attempt.

Method 4: arrange 1-2 discharging days a week

This method will not only allow you to lose weight, but also improve your health condition. The sense is the following: your organism resting of endless food digesting spends more time and strength on your renewal. Moreover, during your discharging days you will noticeably shorten the calorie content of your ration, so you will lose some kilos, as well.

Any variant of Detox will be a proper way to spend your discharging days.


Method 5: 2-4 weeks of raw eating

I do not offer you eating in the same way during all your life. Moreover, I believe that excluding such a healthy amount of products like beans, eggs, fish and seafood is an outrance. But, from the other side, raw eating has its sense if applied in a proper way.


All in all, you are to consume such raw products as nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits, cold press oil.

Be healthy!