How To Sell Things You Do Not Need

A perfect present means needed things on proper places. However, have you ever looked for a shirt in your wardrobe but instead found a sweater you had not wear for several months? Or maybe while cleaning your kitchen found a bread maker that you have been using for a week or so just after its purchasing? And what if you have a house full of unnecessary stuff, for example, furniture, but you do not want to throw it away? Well, it is time to turn the things you do not use in something less or more effective – money, for example.

Thus, you decided which articles are not used by you and your family, but may be helpful for somebody else. What should you start with?

Make your thing look nice. In case of clothes wash and iron it; for electronics – dust it, find an original package and all original accessories; for furniture – make it free of all the things. You have to understand that the better your goods will look, the more people will want to purchase it.


Take photos of a thing you are going to sell. Involve as many angles as possible and avoid similar photos, too. It is better to take photos of all the imperfections of your goods – it will call favour among customers, as well as help avoid misunderstandings during your meeting with potential clients. The cloth article should be photographed on somebody, with a separate picture of the particularly noteworthy signs (for example, unusual buttons and so on). If you sell a sofa, take its photos in both expanded and contracted conditions. The general advice: the amount of pictures for one thing should not exceed 3-4 articles.



Process the photos. Do not be crazy about the Photoshop program – let the thing look like it is, just process the photos to fit the size for placing in the Internet. The universal size for pictures is 500 pixels in length.


Invent a text for your commercial. It should be laconic but reveal the complete information about the article’s model, key characteristics, date of purchase, using intensity, price and reason for selling. For electronic stuff give a website link where you bought the thing. Do not forget to indicate the best place for bargain, as well as whether you are ready to deliver the goods by your own.


Post your commercial. Some free websites where you are able to sell and buy used things demand registration. After the registration process you will have a limitless amount of free advertisements and commercials. One of the places where you can successfully sell and buy things from real people is JiJi.ng website. All the advertisements here are divided into several categories:

  • Mobile Phones and Tablets,
  • Vehicles,
  • Jobs,
  • Electronics,
  • Home and Garden,
  • Fashion and Beauty,
  • Babies and Kids,
  • Animals and Pets,
  • Hobbies – Art – Sport,
  • Real Estate,
  • Seeking Work – CVs and Services.

According to these categories, you can easily find the things you need or post a commercial about selling one or another article in an appropriate column. Besides, you can get answers to all your questions concerning goods whenever you need. Find a great deal among 136,714 ads in Nigeria.


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