How to Start to Do Sport If You Don’t Like It

This post is not for fanatics,who spends days and nights in the gym and on the treadmill. Professional athletes, can scip this article. But for all ordinary people, who have normal human feelings – laziness, boredom, fatigue, – this text will be extremely useful.

JiJi.ng likes healthy, sports users, so deals with you this helpful recommendations.

Why do you need to take exercise?

  1. To improve your health, to strengthen the heart, to control high blood pressure
  2. To become more beautiful
  3. To tone your muscles
  4. To control your appetite
  5. To have a deep and restful sleep
  6. To stimulate the metabolism
  7. To strengthen self-confidence, increase self-esteem
  8. To help to confront chronic fatigue
  9. To recover faster after disease
  10. And you are always in a good mood!


This few simple secrets from JiJi.ng help you to do your exercises painlessly and to enjoy (at least a little bit) the process.

1. Make training as short as possible

Three workouts a week for half an hour – it’s cool. But it’s long and extremely tiring. And short daily 7-, 12- or 15-minute workout looks much more attractive and realistic. Yes, and enter this into your work schedule can be virtually stress-free. For example:


2. Choose your favourite activities

Try to pick out a task that even with all of your dislike for the sport will not cause your rejection. Don’t believe the advertising that promises magical results after different trendy systems. It is better to be happy biking or swimmer than cursing everything in the world, bent iron in a rocking chair. Any physical activity benefits, and those who you do exercises with a good mood, do it twice.


3. Take care of the brain

Many knowledge workers don’t like the sport only for the reason that they think it’s boring. Their brains are constantly used to receive and process new information, seek solutions to problems, to work. During training the muscles work more, and the mind is not accustomed to such attitudes, it starts to miss and you get his requests to finish it all as soon as possible. Try to take it to the pleasant music, podcasts, or even interesting movie – albeit not interfere on workout.


4. Don’t set ambitious goals at once

Some people might say that the poster with the image of Schwarzenegger motivates them to strive for the same achievements. But more often a complete mismatch between the poster and a picture in the mirror acts contrary kill the last hope and the desire to do it. So put yourself quite clear and reasonable goals that you really can achieve in the foreseeable future. This gives you confidence and may even wake sports passion.


5. Be more active in your daily life

Who did say that for physical development you certainly needed to lock yourself in the gym? If you don’t like it, try using all the surrounding space as a universal playground. Stop using elevators and escalators, start to walk in the evenings and during the lunch break, in the end, change your car to bicycle, why not?


After completing all of these items, you will sooner or later be able to easily and seamlessly enter the sport in his life. And stop hating him.

Good luck!

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