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How To Travel Cheaper

Travelling is probably the best way to spend your free time. While visiting new places you can know more, see more, even feel more, because while exploring new things and places can make you understand yourself and realize something you haven’t known before. Who knows, maybe the unknows places will solve some of your problems and give you the answers to the questions that have been bothering you for a long time?

But, unfortunately, not evetyone can afford going abroad or even visiting different corners of their own counrties.

Jiji gives you a hint on how to spend less money on travelling!



In advance

Always think about the details long before you go somewhere. Of course, it may be difficult to predict some things, but try to do it as early as you can. Deciding on where to stay and what transport to take can save you a lot of money if you book it in advance. Besides, if you buy your tickets long before your trip, they will cost way cheaper than if you bought them two weeks before the vacation.




Use lowcosters to buy the tickets. Of course, you won’t get the perfect service, but the prices are very satisfying. By the way, they take money for luggage, so if you are going on a vacation for a couple of days, take a small bag so you can take in with you in the plane and you won’t need to pay for the luggage. They also don’t feed you for free during the flight, so you can make some sandwiches at home to it while flying. And you won’t regret about the lost money if you change your mind or just lode the possibiity to go: the price is so low that you won’t need to worry.

Fly in the middle of the week (if you don’t depend on the date, of course), because tickets for the weekends are usually more expensive. The most expencive day is Friday. Also try not to go anywhere on big international holidays if you want to save money.

– Remember, that the indirect flights are usually cheaper.

– Buy the tickets far far in advance to spend less money on them.

– If you live far from the airport and you need a transfer there, you can find someone who also needs it and share the payment.

– If you need a taxi from the airport to your hotel or apartment, don’t sit in the first car that you see nead the airport exit: those which are parked a little bit further usually cost less.


A place to live


Couchserfing is a perfect decision for students and those people who are easy-going, because you don’t just save money, but also make new friends. But beware: someone may want to cheat on you. Nobody gives you any quarantees, so it may be safer to stay at the hotel.

Book the rooms as early as you can – it will save your money.

– This risky way is for those who are not dependant on the strict organization: ordering a room in 1 day (like today you call the hotel and order a room for TODAY) will be even cheaper than booking it in advance.

– If you have rented a car for the time of your vacation, you’d better find some motel in the suburbs. It is not expencive, and if you have a car, you don’t have to live near the city centre, where all of the hotels cost much more.


The destination



– Choose your destination carefully, because there are many cheaper alternatives to famous resorts. And in this case cheaper doesn’t mean worse: you can have the same pleasure for less money just because a small town is less popular than a big city near it.

– Today there are many free apps for your smartphone that can be your guide in the city, so you don’t need the service of the real guide.

– Try to make all the preparations, like booking the hotel and excursions yourself, because travel agencies can take more money for it.

Avoid very popular restaurants: the prices there are always much higher than in some other cozy little places, where you can also try national quisine spending less.

– If you travel alone, choose a hostel to live, but a big company is a better variant, because you can even rent a flat. And, for sure, your route will differ depending on the amount of people.

– Using the Internet or special apps for the smartphones, study the places you want to visit. Find out where the enter is free, and where you will need to pay for it. Count your budget in advance so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises.

Save money wisely and don’t break the law. Believe me, if you get to pay a fine for not paying in the public transport, it will spoil your trip completely).



Travel with pleasure and stay with Jiji!

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