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How To Turn Cottage Into Splendid Vacation Spot

In a summer garden you can have a meal, read books, sunbathe and swim in the own swimming pool, as well as organize a party for friends and neighbors. You always want to decorate your summer house in the best way. If you choose some of the following tips, your dacha will get a wonderful appearance.

It is possible to create the real amusement park on your dacha territory, even if it is not very big. The main thing is your wish!


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1. Paths

A summer cottage associates with a garden, a lawn, flower-beds and paths.


Let’s decorate your dacha with several unusual paths.

A good gardener lays paths in the places where people walk and not where he likes. Unless your guests trace a footway, do not decorate flower-beds and paths, otherwise, you will just waste your time and efforts.

Try to make your choice with the help of the following guide revealing types of paths.

Type of covering Advantages Disadvantages How to make
Gravel Quick, cheap Discomfort Dig a trench nearly 10 cm deep, fill up with gravel
Concrete Cheap, serves for a long time Takes much time Dig several trenches, lay a wood form and fix it with pegs. Fill up with a layer of sand, lay a mesh reinforcement., pour over with solution
Tiles, natural stones Good-looking, durable Difficult to do, expensive Dig a ditch (minimum 20 cm), fill it up with a layer of sand and crushed stone, lay geotextile between them. Lay a layer of topping (3-4 cm). Lay tiles.
Wood Good-looking, ecological Takes much time Treat each piece of wood with some defender against moisture and corruption, lay gravel or sand on the prepared area
Sawdust, bark Cheap, quick Spreads all over your cottage territory Dig a trench and fill it up with bark or sawdust
Plastic modules Cheap, convenient, quick Serves not for a long time Buy plastic modules and lay them on your dacha territory.


2. Green roof

If you want to plant something green, do it on your roof.


Among benefits there are as follow:

  • long-lasting,
  • noise insulation,
  • beauty, etc.

Green roof will at once turn your cottage into a luxurious house.

The simplest variant of its erecting is spreading the net for creepers.

The “traditional” green roof demands much time and money, but the result is worth doing!

Watch the following video to get to know how to make a green roof by your own:

As the result, you will get one of such roofs:


3. Viewing shelters

In case you have a viewing shelter on your dacha territory your rest with a family or best friends will succeed automatically. Here you can hide of rain and the burning sun but still leave in the fresh air. You can make an extraordinary pavilion from wood.


From the video below you will understand how to make a garden arbour by your own. After its constructing you can decorate it the way you like.

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4. Summer kitchen

Picnic is, perhaps, one of the main reasons to invite all your friends and family to visit your dacha. The best place for meeting is a dining place in the fresh air near your summer kitchen.


A simple chargrill or fire will be enough for grilling meat and vegetables on railings. If you want something more interesting, look for a complicated chargrill models and be ready to cook delicious dishes.

If your summer kitchen has an electric grill or a roaster, it will be easier to plan and decorate your summer kitchen.

Type of brazier Description Advantages
Chargrill Brazier for cooking on coals The most widespread set for roasting on railings or on skewers
Grill Grid for cooking products with the help of embars, electricity or gas There is a great choice of multipurpose models in shop
Roaster Multipurpose electric oven Easy to use and move
Griddle Thick even metal sheet is heated by coals, electricity or gas Original multipurpose choice

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5. Garden furniture

You need to decide what kind of furniture you want to use on your cottage territory:


  • wooden furniture will easily fit in any garden;
  • plastic items are simple in use and maintain;
  • metal garden sets are reliable, so they will serve for a long time;
  • braided furniture look interesting and will serve long;
  • soft articles are cozy and can be used in fresh air.

The common problem for all furniture is an uncertain climate. Thus in most cases it is made of metal, wood or plastic. In addition, purchase or sew some interesting cushions.


6. Lighting in the garden

At night ANY garden will become magical if lighted in a correct way.


Lighting can be of two types:

  1. functional (marks paths and flower-beds),
  2. decorative (adorns the territory).

When choosing lighting for your dacha, look at the following chart with the most widespread possible variants:

Appliance Features How to set
With halogen and LED lamps Are used for lighting of paths and plants. Safe, consume little energy Pick up lamps with warm light
Lanterns Variety of models Set lanterns with solar batteries or movement sensors in order to shorten energy consumption
Candles Create comfortable atmosphere, you can make a hand-made candlesticks Do not leave open fire without care even if it is a small candle
Water lanterns Very original Choose floating spheres which can be used in water and on land. A sphere-lighted lawn will look excellent

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7. Swimming pool

A summer without swimming is not a summer.


Everybody is able to make a pool on his or her dacha. Get to know the technology from the following video:


Hope you liked this ideas. Add yours in comments!

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