10 The Most Effective Exercises To Keep Your Legs Slim

d5733acbf101Accordingly to a new investigation the women’s ideal length of legs is 1,4 of the body length.

The attraction to long legs formed a long time ago. It is believed, that long legs are the sign of good health and good prerequisites for procreating. As for men’s legs, they are better if they are short such as they look more muscular.

Without any doubt, every woman wishes to have slim and beautiful legs. Such as, they are the women’s chance to impress men and pay their attention on beautiful part of humanity. Moreover, legs are one of the main symbols of the eroticism, especially in tropical countries where women’s legs are practically always bared http://jiji.ng/ .

Nevertheless, exists some problem, not every woman has ideal legs that would catch the eye.

If you see perfect legs do not start to envy them because you have to know that fabulous legs are the result after hard work and permanent couching. It is very and very small chance to have naturally slim legs. They need careful and special effective workouts. Namely, we talk about some exercises that we will describe below in the article.



black-woman-jogging It is common knowledge that in the running process all muscles of the body are working. 

Nevertheless, the most active part of the body are legs because they take the entire load. Accordingly, the top part of the body becomes slim not such quickly as the lower part.

Jogging do not need any money to pay of course if you do not visit any gym. You can do jog on fresh air: in the parks, forests, streets, around your building etc.

Thanks to jog, you will fill your body by oxygen, nourish your cells and of course improve your metabolism. Besides, jog pumps the main muscle it is heart, likewise it is a good prevention of cardiac diseases.

If you worry about your muscles that they will become large like in sportsmen, stop do this and relax. Jogging just helps you to get rid of fat and to get a good shape of legs and gluts.

A-black-woman-runningExists three methods of jogging:

  • Jogging when a person do his step by forefoot then transfers the weight on the heel. It has a good effect on hamstrings and gluteal muscles. In addition, it has a significant influence on quadriceps.
  • A sport technique “from heel to toe” largely uses gluteal muscles especially their middle part.
  • A sprinter running technique works with hip extensors muscles and gastrocnemius. However, this kind of jogging is not recommended for amateur athletes such as it hurts knee joints.

If you want to have a good shape of the legs quickly, the professionals recommend spending for jogging no less 40 minutes and no more 1, 15. After 30 minutes the organism takes the energy from fat and after 1, 15 the organism takes the energy from protein.



article-2606582-1D26E2A100000578-893_634x947Jump on the rope is one of the most effective methods to make your legs slim.

When you jump, practically all muscles of the body are tensing, but muscles of the legs are tensing in a larger amount, especially gastrocnemius, gluteal muscles and femora’s.

Gastrocnemius. Approximately 65-70 % of all work do gastrocnemius because they are responsible for jumping function.

In the jumping on the rope these muscles work the most hard thereafter, they are tired the first and even begin to ache. Nevertheless, it is a useful how to burn the unwanted thickness on them.

Gluteal and femoral muscles. It is mainly about quadriceps, but biceps muscles, iliac and gluteal do an important work too. Especially, if you will jump rising the knees as high as you can. After a month of daily trainings, you will see an excellent result.



squat-verticalSquatting is considered as the main exercise to make your legs strong and slim. This procedure activate all big and small leg muscles. Therefore, you will see the perfect result very soon. Likewise, you can use some barbells in squatting to make your training more effective.

Nevertheless, exists a single warning, you have to be careful with your back. Try to start you exercises without overburdening yourself, give some time for your organism to get use to trainings and then increase the loads.

Let’s start to squatting:

Stand straight, no slouch, keep feet on the shoulder width, your arms must be in front of you and begin to squat tilting your body forward, the knees should not be further then the toes.

After this exercise, your legs will be tightened and with a wonderful shape.



uprazhneniya-dlya-poxudeniya-nog-2Exists different variants of the exercises on the floor, but we will describe two the most effective of them. In addition, on the pictures, you can see more variants of these exercises.

So, the first method to do your legs slim. Lie on your side, keep your legs in the one line. Start actively lift the upper leg and try to do it with a wide amplitude. It will help you not only build your muscles, but also stretch them. After some time change your position and do the same one.


exercises-to-tone-your-legs-4The second exercise. Lie on your side, your body and legs have to lie in the one line. One hand put under your head. Top leg bend the knee and put on the floor in front of straight leg. Start to lift straight leg such high and quickly as you can then change your side and do the same again. This exercise is necessary to strengthen inner thighs.



1104-plie-squatStamina exercise is the most effective how to build the muscles on the legs quickly, but it need your perseverance and endurance.

Stand straight, keep legs on the shoulder width or a little bit wider, squat until your thighs will be parallel to the floor. Sit in this position for a minute after some time repeat the same exercise. Everyday try to increase time for doing this exercise. Likewise, you can use the wall, lean your shoulder blades against the wall, squat and sit like on the chair for a minute.



5c6c482c521955ce9591fb05b2847210Stretching is the main element in sport and of course to make your legs attractive. Below we will share with you why stretching is useful:

  • It increases blood flow in muscles
  • Regular stretching improves the joints, tendons and muscles flexibleness
  • Your amplitude of movement in the joints become bigger
  • It increases muscle endurance and strength.
  • It makes your muscles bigger and well-shaped
  • Stretching of the muscles of the buttocks and the hamstrings helps to strengthen the muscles of the back.
  • Stretching muscles of the legs and pelvis perfectly stimulate sexual function. Are you still using Viagra? This is the last century.
  • It improves metabolism
  • It helps to get rid of cellulite and fat.



knee upIt is a great fitness for the legs. You have to do these exercises fast and keep up the amplitude. Active movements warm up your body and make your muscles tensed. In a nutshell, when the muscles are tensing fat is burning.

Depending on in which direction you will do kicks and up the knees, the different groups of the leg muscles will be work, doubtless you will feel it.

Professionals recommend for these exercises wear special thermal shorts or to do wrapping.



debbiSkating and rollerblading are such useful sport for health and body as jogging. The legs are doing practically all work but to keep the body balance is the main part in this sport.




Nevertheless, skating and rollerblading need more forces and energy, especially if you want to be a professional skater.

All muscles are working in this kind of sport even the smallest one. It is a great work to keep yourself in balance and to feel yourself confident on the skates or roller-skates.

If you noticed, sportsmen who are engaged in figure skating have slim and beautiful legs. Make this kind of sport your hobby and you will forget about fat.




bgdb-kara-cropped-2If you do not want to do some wearisome and boring exercises, turn your mind on the cycling. It is the best variant to combine useful thing with pleasure one. You can call your friend and together do cycling talking heart to heart.


great-date-deals-couple-riding-bikes-pretty-girls-rock-dressesCycling will help you to get rid of fat, make your leg muscles strong and well-shaped. Moreover, your buttock muscles also will be in tonus that is importantly.

If you want to get more benefits from the cycling, do it on fresh air: in the forests, mountains, fields, meadows etc.




10. FOOD

junk-food-vs-healthy-foodStop to eat junk food! It gives you diseases, worsens metabolism and infests the organism with transgenic fats, which are not excreted. Food is the first for what you have to care, because wearisome trainings will not give you any result.

First, refuse from the sweet drinks such, as it is the fluid, accordingly it is absorbed in organism faster than other food and poisons it. Likewise, abstain from manufactured and bakery goods.

If you want to be a slim and have an attractive legs eat only healthy food, especially cellulose and proteins http://lagos.jiji.ng/ .

So, follow the recommends above and the result will pleasure surprise you.

Good luck!