JiJi.ng is cool: real experience of selling

Be in trend – use JiJi.ng!

JiJi.ng is the famous market place in Nigeria, where everybody can sell or buy everything he wants – new or used mobile phones, clothing, computers, even cars. It’s very easy and absolutely free, only real people with real offers and requests on this site.


Every user has his unique history of buying or selling on JiJi – somebody sells unusual things for one hour, somebody finds extraordinary dress for the party, somebody scoops with selling old gadgets. There is plenty of such histories!

Today we present you one interesting real story with JiJi.ng

???????3We want you to meet Idris, he is ordinary office worker, and he is dealing with legal issues in the company.

“Hi! I want to share fresh impressions with you after selling on JiJi.ng! I am inspired with it, I am tickled pink for three days.

Ok, let’s order!

I have used already bored for me mobile phone Nokia Lumia for 4 years. I have slept and seen me with bright, new, fancy mobile phone. But there were a lot of things that I had to spend money for.


I began to propose to buy this mobile phone to all my friends, but nobody wants. I reminded, that in my company many co-workers buy and sell things online.


I thought that I was as good as others. So, I decided to try. But there was just one shag – I was afraid of scammers. There are many people, which pretend to honest buyers and after gaining confidence of you, begin to hold their machinations – don’t pay money or designate a meeting place, where there are no people.


So, I asked for advice my proficient in online trading co-worker. He said, that he sold and bought only on JiJi.ng – the safest online marketplace in Nigeria.

And I found this site, very fast I registered on it (easy, with Facebook account).

FireShot Capture -  - http___jiji.ng_registration.html

Then I saw big orange button “Post FREE ad” and pressed it. I opened the window of posting ad (It’s very important to write all required information and to specify all details in description of good). I honestly wrote about little scratch on mobile phone, made creative photos with my phone and decided to leave my phone number.

FireShot Capture -  - http___jiji.ng_add-free-ad.html

After successful moderation I began to wait for first potential buyers. And they didn’t make me wait for a long time. One man, who was first, wanted knock down the price to much. But I didn’t want to charity. So, we couldn’t arrange.


But only in one day desired transaction was executed. I sold my phone to one man, who had lived not far from me. We met in the nearest cafe, that man liked my phone for my price. Everything was honestly and safe.

After selling Nokia I was over the moon, because I could add some money and buy new one. And I think this purchase will be on JiJi. No, I am sure in this!”


So, use JiJi.ng, believe and enjoy it! Of course, remember about scammers and follow the rules of the site, notify administration if you see scam, and be sane. Because you are the main gun against the scammers for yourself.

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Be in trend – use JiJi.ng!