Lifehacks For Those Working At Home

The advantages of a distant work are all nice (starting from the ability to sleep a bit longer and to the flexible work hours and comfortable atmosphere). The only bad thing is that you have to work. How to organize your home office and plan your working day? The article answers these and others questions.

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I had been working as a hired worker for more than 7 years and am working at home for almost 7 years, too. I think we all have the opportunity to work at home and give up daily walking to an office. Matt Gemmell

Matt Gemmell is an author of some articles in The Guardian, Macworld and MacUser and a former creator of software and applications for iOS and OS X.


In fact, opening your laptop in a living room will be not enough for starting working at home. You have to overcome a great amount of obstacles. In many cases your remote work appears to be the great opportunity to check your self-control ability. In this article I will tell you what obstacles I met and what I did to cope with them.


The main problem which you will face when starting working at home is YOU. Force to dispose yourself to productive behaviour.

The evident advice: the easiest way to be disposed to work is to love what you do.


Try to arrange a timetable and deviate from it only in exceptional cases.

Timetable (example):

  1. Start working – 9 a.m.
  2. Check e-mail and make plans – 9 a.m.
  3. Work – until 11a.m.
  4. Do sports – till 1 p.m.
  5. Have dinner – 1:00 – 1:30 p.m.
  6. Work – until 6 p.m.


Distracting factors

Schedules help you start working cheerfully, but at the beginning of the day everyone can work hard. However, another difficulty appears: if you do not hinder yourself, somebody will 100 % impede your working process.

Besides, switching between several processes can lessen your productivity.

Turn your phone volume off. It will eliminate external irritants, but some others will leave, – for example, social networks. You can use the SelfControl application to cope with them. It is a free program which blocks the access to your website list for a certain period of time. This is a windfall! You can block:

  • Twitter, Facebook, App.net, Google and others;
  • mailing and news;
  • online shops.


Distant work is pretty different to the office work because you can do whatever you like. But remember: such an awful behaviour will certainly lead to crash! You have to bring up professional treats and pride. You should not obligatory wear a tie, but you must dispose yourself to high productivity and be bent on performing tasks.

  • Wake up in the morning,
  • have a shower,
  • put on clothes (not pajamas which prevent self-respect development),
  • have breakfast;
  • behave like you came to an office.

The next point is a conscientious attitude to your work. You house is your office, so you cannot treat it carelessly!


Line between work and daily routine

All the mentioned rules are strict and they have to be like this. You need to concentrate on what you do. But it happens that people who work at home spend too much time performing their tasks. This is wrong!

It is important to separate work and home routine on both, psychological and physical levels. Find a special place in your house for working process.


Distant work often causes loneliness. If you do not communicate with other people, you are risking becoming a bit mad. I spend 50 % on working at home. Somebody can say I am already strange, but it does not matter.


Some tips:

  • Do not get rid of noise and sounds. I open the window in front of the park in order to hear the life around;
  • Find some social surrounding and go out there from time to time;
  • Do not forget about daily walks which have a miraculous therapeutic effect. Whatever the weather it is.


The last advice draws the finishing line about all the above mentioned issues. Success and productivity are really sufficient but in case you pay much attention to these factors you will lose all the described working at home advantages. Vice versa, you should use them all!


Daily walks will be the first step in increasing of productivity. It’s alright if you sometimes work until afternoon just to play a new game or go to the cinema. Otherwise, why do you need this kind of work?

You will succeed

Remote work is not for anyone, but I am sure this regime is available to much more people than you think. The key hint is a balance between self-control and full use of advantages. Just try to adjust the surrounding world according to your needs and strong suits.

And remember to love everything you do!

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