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Personal Computer (PC) VS Game Console (GC)

Not only passionate gamers, but also parents who want to make a good gift to their child, quite often find themselves at the crossroad: what to buy, a full-fledged gaming PC or a game console? This issue is also complicated by the fact that if computers in our time are more or less familiar, the game consoles for many people are still terra incognita.

Why are those game consoles so good, of what kinds they can be, and that it is better to buy for gaming?


Advantages of GCs

  1. Easiness of game consoles

The main advantage of consoles is that playing on it is much easier than on PC. Why? You do not need to know the system requirements, there is no question “run or not”, there is no necessity to do the upgrade, update the drivers and worry that the game could be slowed down. Often, the game does not even have to be pre-installed:  just insert the disk – and play.

  1. Vast majority of games are designed for GC

In addition, the vast majority of today’s multiplatform projects (ie, those that come out on the PC and on consoles) initially are made with an eye on consoles. Among those, for example, are popular series as Call of Duty, or Need for Speed. Playing them is designed for a gamepad, and any problems with graphics and optimization on the consoles are not observed. You want to play with comfort and without unnecessary hassle? Buy Console.

Rotimi Tewe

You should buy a console if:

  • You already have a TV and you do not need an expensive, noisy and overall desktop PC, powerful enough to “correspond” all the modern games. Console Bundle (game) + laptop (for work) can be much more practical and less expensive;
  • You do not want to have trouble with the incompatibility of games with your PC (specific problems with iron, driver, “brake”, etc.), the necessity of continuous upgrading, etc.
  • The gaming device is first of all needed for children (with GCs they learn better and faster);
  • You want not only to play, but also to have a home media center (do not forget that the console can be used for watching movies and photos on the big screen).


Disadvantages of GCs

  1. Unusualness of  the GC’s

A seeming inconvenience of the gamepad – it is, in fact, a matter of habit. Some time ago a bunch of mouse + keyboard also seemed terribly uncomfortable. However, not everyone wants to be retrained and often asks whether it is possible to connect a mouse to the console? It is, you only need a special mouse, or a rare adapter.

  1. Expensiveness of the games for GCs

Many use the higher price of the games for consoles as an argument against consoles.  Unfortunately it is so. However, if you already have a TV, the console itself will cost you much cheaper than a full gaming PC bundled with the monitor or gaming notebook. And if you do not pursue innovations, wishing to get new games right on the day of their worldwide release, you can save a lot of money. In a couple of months after the release of new products, they become significantly cheaper and also can be bought at third of the original price.

Inside Knightz gaming center

You probably should opt for a PC if:

  • There is no computer at home, and you want something multi-purpose – both for work and for the Internet and entertainment;
  • It is not possible to occupy the TV for a long time (since the GC is often connected to it). Or you consciously want to prevent a situation where the TV is always busy for a game;
  • You are interested in playing PC-specific genres such as online RPG or strategy;
  • If you cannot afford to buy console games


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