The Most Beautiful Places In The World

Knowing yourself by exploring new places and travelling around the world is probably one of the greatest things ever. I am sure you have wanted to run away from your daily routine at least once, and go to some special beautiful place. So, what do you usually dream of in such moments when you close your eyes? Is it a familiar place you have already been to, or maybe an imaginary world?

You will be surprised how much magic there is on our planet. There is such beauty that it seems it was created not by nature, but by some fantastic power.

Jiji gives you the list of the most beautiful places of the world!


1. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand



It is the place you have seen in the movies. Little isles of a strange shape, turquoise water and beautiful green forests covering the rocks. Situated in the Andaman Sea, nor very far from the Phuket, Phi Phi attract a lot of tourists and are one of the most incredible places in the whole world.


2. Norwegian fiords


A distinctive feature of the landscape of Norway, the fiords are a narrow sinuous gulfs. If you only hear about it, it seems to you there is nothing special about it. But when you see the fiords you realize how striking the view actually is.

The rocks rise high over the sea line, and if you stand at the top of it you can imagine for a minute that you can rule the world.

The time kind of stops there, and those, who have already visited the fiords, dream to come there back again.


3. Santorini Island, Greece


Also known as Thera, or Thira, is is one of the most popular and recognizable Greek islands. Lovely white-and-blue houses near the seashore create the atmosphere of a summer fairy-tale. The sunsets over the Aegean sea are really fantastic, and the whole island is an abode of ancient myths and legends.


4. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


Probably, the most popular castle of the world. It is situated in Bayern, Germany, and is a real embodiment of the fairy-tales about kings and queens. Neuschwanstein was built by the king of Bauern, Ludwig II, for his favorite composer, Richard Wagner. Swans are the main castle décor elements. It is so because of the Ludwig’s love to the Wagner’s Lohengrin opera, where the main character is the Swan Knight.

The castle is standing on the top of the hill, with the beautiful green forests around it.

5. Crystal Cave, Iceland


An amazing natural phenomenon, the cage made of ice. The tunnels are seemed to be made with crystal, they look absolutely blue and really impressive. The caves show Iceland’s beauty as it is. They are quite dangerous in summer, but in winter it is absolutely safe there, that’s why a lot of people all over the world come there to see such an unusual nature’s creation.


6. Pamukkale, Turkey


Turkish natural hot springs. The place of an indescribable beauty.

Pamukkale has been a resort from the ancient times, and it is still one of the Turkey’s most admired places of interest.

If you haven’t seen those magical pools with bright-blue mineral water yet, don’t waste your time!


7. The Maldives

White Sands of Maldives Beaches

It is a real tropical paradise on Earth, a dream of millions of women. Wonderful animals and birds, exotic fruit, charming sea, white sands… Who wouldn’t like to spend there at least a couple of days?

Maldives are really worth seeing, so if you feel completely fed up with everything that surrounds you, set a goal to visit this fantastic place.


8. Tulip fields, The Netherlands


What can be more magical than a neverending flower field? Red, yellow, white, purple and many-many different colors cover the earth in the Netherlands every April and May.

Coming there you kind of fall into some old fantastic tale, or even travel to the other world.



But it is better to see it in your own eyes, that to watch the photos on the Internet.

That is why our main advice to you is: don’t waste your time! Travel! Explore! Discover! Don’t hesitate!

If you think it is too expensive – forget it, because today there are plenty of low-cost ways of travelling. It’s all in your hands, just make a decision and start to act.

Find a way to fulfill your dreams!