10 Best Mobile Apps For Tourists

What are the things to take with you on vacation? How to quickly find an inexpensive and suitable flight? How to get a cheap taxi? How to find a currency exchange or a place with delicious and inexpensive food in an unfamiliar city? In order to have the answers to all these questions at hand, all you need is to buy a modern mobile phone at JiJi, download the apps for travelers and – you are ready to go!

When you are preparing for a trip, don’t hesitate to download ten most used and important applications for mobile devices, which will become your guide in the process of exploring new places!

Phone 1

Phone 2


TripIT: quick and easy

Platform: iOS, Android

What good vacation starts from? Detailed planning!

TripIT 1

Start planning your trip on the site of the service – here you can do it quickly and easily. Enter any data in TripIT – the time of your flight or visiting an important event – and the scheduler will make a detailed plan of your trip. tripit 3

Enter your flight number and the name of the Airline Company – and get all the necessary information. Your personal planner will constantly update the information about your flight, it will offer the shortest way to the hotel, and calculate distance and time. Here you can also get information about your hotel – TripIT will even remind you of the registration time.

tripit 3

Dates, names, time, telephone numbers, addresses and even weather – it is not necessary to keep all this in your mind, if you have TripIT!

“It`s a great application! I put information about the tickets and hotel addresses there, – all in one place + reminders help a lot. It has integration with Google accounts and Google Calendar. I really like that. But there is no possibility to plan a route (guided tour) with waypoints and it`s only in English”

Abegunde, Abuja

[appbox appstore 311035142 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.tripit&hl=ru simple]

Seatguru: comfort in small things

Platform: iOS, Android

Seatguru gives you a confidence that many hours of flight in economy class can be comfortable!

Seatguru 1

SeatGuru is an instant access to databases of the largest airline companies in the world. Here you will find the most affordable airline tickets (service “Search for Flights” makes a choice of tour operators and buying airline tickets as simple as possible, you can trace the migration routes, choose the most comfortable seats. Forgot your flight number? No problem: integrated service Route will help you.

Seatguru 2

The seats are marked on the map with different colors: top seats – with green, then yellow and red ones.

SeatGuru is very careful to details: you will know everything.

Seatguru 3

SeatGuru is very useful program. It is only a pity that you cannot assess the comfort of salon without entering the flight number.”

Kristibueze, Damaturu

[appbox appstore 508487044 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.seatguru&hl=ru simple]

LoungeBuddy: waiting is fun

Platform: iOS, Android

A long wait for delayed flight ceases to be a problem with LoungeBuddy. Only LoungeBuddy knows everything about the waiting rooms in more than 500 major airports around the world!


LoungeBuddy 2

Application features:

  • getting the most complete information about lounge-zones of the airports, it filters them by type of services, as well as ratings, photos, reviews, prices;
  • immediate purchase of access to these zones.

loungebuddy 3


“I fly often and I really like the “Club membership” option. Considerably simplifies life!“ 

Ifechi, Ilorin

[appbox appstore 674176920 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.loungebuddy.playstore&hl=ru simple]

TravelSafe: keep calm and travel

Platform: iOS, Android

TravelSafe is convenient and quick way to access international emergency services in any country. Using this app you`ll easily find contacts of your consulate, fire service, police, rescue service and ambulance!

TravelSafe 2

TravelSafe 3

“App has very convenient functions of creating a database of emergency numbers and of one-click call.”

Zoputa, Jebba

[appbox appstore 670521498 simple]

[appbox googleplay au.com.lkapps.travelsafe simple]

Waze: fun at the wheel

Platform: iOS, Android

Waze is a miracle of modern technology, navigator and social network – all in one.


Waze collects the information about your route in real time, based on places of traffic jams, location of traffic police posts and other objects, creating the best route from point A to point B. Also, you can make a virtual map of your route. In addition, Waze creates route taking into account such factors as time of day, weather conditions, etc. Waze 2

Waze is somewhat similar to the RPG, which is why it is very popular among young audience. During the trip you can collect bonuses, communicate and consult with other “wasers”. Waze 3


Check out the prices at the gas stations, quickly shut down or start the app, and link it to Facebook!


“Promising idea – you and other drivers “draw the road” – who knows the real situation better!? I also like the cartoony interface!” 

Efe, Ikot Ekpene

[appbox appstore 323229106 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.waze&hl simple]

WikiTude: everything is near

Platform: iOS

wikitude 3

Feel lost in an unfamiliar city? Don’t know where to go? Wikitude will help you to “open your eyes” to the world!

Wikitude 1

Run the application, and on the map to your left you will find a clothing store, to the right – a movie theater, or cosy Chinese restaurant, and 100 metres from the hotel you will find a convenient parking. And even if you manage to get lost, WikiTude will help you find the way.wikitude 2

It is nice that Wikitude recognizes the images with 3-D models. Presenting few points of all existing is also a clever idea, otherwise the user would see some kind of porridge on the map!”

Zaki, Abuja



[appbox appstore 329731243 simple]

For Android devices there is an alternative called Layar. Base versions are distributed free of charge.

[appbox googleplay com.wikitude&hl simple]

Lingopal 44: prompter in the pocket

Platform: iOS, Android


Lingopal 44 is a kind of a professional interpreter-prompter, who knows hundreds of phrases in 44 languages. Lingopal developers say that the app will help you to speak and to curse in 44 languages.


Lingopal 44 will help you to easily get acquainted with representatives of other cultures, participate in live conversation and maintain it; to avoid confusions in multicultural environment and to have fun during your trip!



“I travel a lot, and I use Lingopal quite often. It helped me to meet a lot of people!”

Onyedi, Ikeja

[appbox appstore id307754293 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.pack.lingopal44&hl simple]

Hotel Tonight: for those who need a stay

Platform: iOS, Android

Are you afraid that you won`t have a place to sleep? Download the HotelTonight app!

hoteltonight 4

An application, which uses the concept of a “last minute booking” will save anyone, who needs a place to stay immediately! With the help of this app you will be able to quickly learn where to spend the night – inexpensively or luxuriously. You can find the hotels on a map and book the room you like. Choose whatever you want: a simple motel or the most unique hotel – reasonable prices guaranteed.
hoteltonight 2

Currently it has integration with Concur – plan your business trips without any difficulties! It is quite simple: find the application HotelTonight in the Concur App Center and link the profiles. Now you can send confirmation of booking automatically – whenever you want.
hoteltonight 3


“I was in a difficult situation in Paris; found the proposal 100-120 Euro for 4-star hotel. Usually such rooms cost about 300 Euro.”

Ayoola, Ede

[appbox appstore 407690035 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.hoteltonight.android.prod&hl simple]

Spotted by Locals: insider tips

Platform: iOS, Android

Spotted by locals 3

Don’t want to follow tracks of thousands of tourists? Turn to the “sideline” and use the application compiled by locals – people with good taste, those, who are perfectly aware of all the “secret places”.
Spotted by locals 1

Choose those bars, cafeterias and restaurants, shops, spas, nightclubs, which are preferred by the real insiders. Application has a great feature: the representatives of Spotted by Locals author team constantly change each other – and thus, you get super objective information!
Spotted by locals 2


“Since citizens usually try to keep secret places away from the eyes of crowds of tourists, I believe that this application is indispensable for those, who really want to see the city from the unusual side.”

Ganiru. Babaloma

[appbox appstore 470967003 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.spottedbylocals2.Philadelphia&hl=ru simple]

Tripcast – mobile album of trips

Platform: iOS, Android

Back from vacation without photos and videos – it`s like you haven`t travel at all!

Tripcast 2

Tripcast is a universal “album of your trip” that stores all photos and videos you have made, with the ability to create your own map of photos and putting marks on it.

Tripcast 1

Tripcast 3

In addition, Tripcast is a successful analogue of social networks, which allows you to share your photos with all your friends.

“The only minus is the request to invite people in order to create album with a particular trip; not everyone knows the contacts of new friends. “

Tujuka, Ihiala

[appbox appstore 901563135 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.getcluster.android.tripcast simple]

In a car

Now you can see that the best friend of the tourist is a modern smartphone. A journey with maximum comfort and a lot of unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!


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