10 Style Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Most men don’t pay too much attention to style, and while it’s completely understandable, personal style can help you achieve a lot of your goals. Whether you want to land your dream job, charm a woman or fit in with a new company of friends, clothes and accessories can play a crucial role in this process. Taking care of your style doesn’t mean you have to start buying designer clothes – there are much easier ways to look great without spending too much money. Below you’ll find 10 helpful style tips for men.

1. Keep it simple

When you start caring about your style, it’s easy to go overboard and get dozens of items that don’t go well together and create a mess in your look. To avoid this problem start with buying only a few essential clothing items and continue to build your wardrobe around them. These items don’t have to be expensive – with JiJi you can dress like a movie star for little money. Check out these affordable suits, jeans, jackets, and shoes. Take a look at the rest of the clothes to find exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Coordinate your style with your job

After you’ve decided to upgrade your wardrobe, it’s important to keep in mind the places where you spend a lot of time. For most of us this place is work. That is why you have to select clothes that are appropriate for your workplace or profession. For example, if you work as an engineer, your boss will probably expect to see you in a nice suit, not in some skinny jeans with a T-Shirt. By the way, finding a new job in Nigeria is now easier than ever – simply visit the Jobs section on JiJi and apply for your dream job today! And with these tips you’ll achieve success at any job interview.

3. Mind the colors

When you have a new colorful wardrobe, it’s easy to get distracted and start putting on all kinds of colors at the same time. You can end up looking like a clown or a rock star, which is not a good look for most grown-up men. To avoid this situation you need to keep in mind a simple rule: don’t wear more than 3 colors at once. It means that you can wear, for example, a green shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. In that case your jacket should either be black or another shade of green. This rule is super easy to remember!

4. Don’t go shopping alone

While you can get all of your clothes from JiJi, sometimes you can go shopping to a local mall. However, it’s important to remember to always take someone with you. It can be your wife, your best friend or your colleague – it doesn’t matter as long as you can ask them for their honest opinion. You can’t fully trust the sales person, because they’re more interested in selling you the most expensive items than in making you look good!

5. Pay attention to the details

Creating a look is a lot similar to buying a car – there are so many details you need to pay attention to. You can be wearing simple jeans and a basic shirt, but when you accessorize your look with a watch, a small necklace or a bracelet, it shows the amount of thought you put in your style. If you want the people you meet to have a better opinion of you, spend some time every morning thinking what you should wear today.

7. Don’t follow the trends

Men’s fashion is not like women’s fashion, so you can relax and ignore the latest style trends, because they will disappear very soon. Instead you can focus on building your own wardrobe with things that will always look stylish. For example, when you’re choosing between some colorful jeans and classic trousers, we advise you to pick the trousers, because, unlike jeans, they will never go out of fashion.

7. Choose clothes that fit

This seems like such an easy advice, but a lot of men actually pick clothes that don’t feet them at all. Baggy clothes, as well as clothes that are too tight, will give people an idea that you don’t care about the way you look, which is not something you want people to think. Spend some extra time choosing the perfect fit. If your trousers are too long, you can get them clipped, but other types of clothes are not so easy to modify, so you’ll spend a lot of time and money by only buying clothes that fit you like a glove.

8. Make sure your clothes are clean

This is another easy style tip that a lot of men overlook. It doesn’t matter how good, expensive and fitting your clothes are – if your clothes or shoes are dirty, that’s all people are going to see, and you won’t make a good impression. Every morning you should take a close look at the items you’re going to wear, and only if everything is okay, wear them and leave your home. The same goes for shoes; nothing spoils a look more than dirty shoes. And don’t forget about the wrinkles – that’s why you need an iron.

9. Choose the right hairstyle

Getting a right hairstyle is far from easy. You should pick a hairstyle based on your age, profession, face shape, and overall style. If you’re wearing a beard, make sure it’s trimmed and well kept; otherwise it can turn your whole look into a mess. Hair is a large part of your image, which is why you need to take care of your hair. Choose a flattering hairstyle and always keep it in a perfect condition.

10. Don’t forget about the belt

Even if you’re only wearing basic jeans with a one-color shirt, nothing can transform your look more than a simple belt. A narrow brown belt with a brass buckle can elevate your style, while keeping your look professional and casual. Of course, your belt needs to match your shoes, so if you’re wearing trainers, pick a woven belt whose colors match the colors of your trainers.

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