10 Tips For Cheap Travel In Europe

Despite the financial difficulties everybody wants to travel! Pay attention to inexpensive service of tour operators on JiJi.ng. And the tips below will help you to travel cheap within Europe!

We have already given you a lot of useful tips about how to travel much cheaper all around the world. Today we will examine situation in Europe.


Excellent hotel for half price

Book the hotel a couple of days before the date of arrival – this will considerably increase your chances to get a great room and save your money.


It is true – a stay in the 4-star hotel can cost you as much as in 3-star or even 2-star! But this trick doesn’t work in the tourist season.


Savings on car rental

If you are planning to rent a car abroad – it shouldn`t necessary be such giants of the market as «Sixt», for example. Today this type of service in Europe is well-developed, so many small companies will be happy to provide you with car at more favorable terms.

Rent a car

Cheap travel inside a foreign country

If hitchhiking is not for you, but your finances are limited – this is not a reason to refuse the opportunity to see the world! Remember three words –«bla bla car»! Find the fellow traveler, meet him – and go! Such kind of traveling is much cheaper than buying tickets on train or bus.


Nigeria youth


If you find yourself in the UK or Ireland, pay attention to the service of the company Megabus that offers routes between the European capitals for ridiculous prices – up to €10. And if you are lucky, there is even an option to get a ticket for €1! Even walking would be more expensive!


The company’s double-decker buses are comfortable, air conditioned, and with free Wi-Fi. You can take in salon only carry-on luggage and 1 suitcase, but it is not critical.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you have to purchase the tickets in advance, preferably – a month before a trip.


Youth hostels

In many large cities in Europe there are youth-hostels – excellent accommodation for tourists who want to save. For €5-15 you get a place to sleep and a breakfast. Here you can take a shower, wash things and even cook for yourself.

Youth hostels

n Athens there are also youth-hostels, which provide rooms on the roof of the building – these rooms are 2-3 times cheaper than inside the building. A good solution when you are out of money. Youth hostels 3

Buy tickets at the weekend

One thing is to know that when you organize travel on your own, it is already a substantial saving, and quite another is to learn some additional secret life hacks. Our advice: never book tickets on weekdays during working hours. At this time demand for them and therefore the price is very high. Try to book tickets at the weekend, or during the week- but at night.

Weekend tickets

Cheap and original souvenirs

In small antique shops you can find unusual, unique souvenirs, – and they will cost you less than goods at train stations and public squares.


In ancient cities in Portugal you can buy a dozen of souvenirs for just €10, and if you are looking for cheap souvenirs in Bruges – you should go to antique shops on Langestraat street.

Souvenirs 2


Hotel bonus for «newlyweds»

If you travel in pair – write to the hotel before arrival that you are newlyweds and that you are going to spend part of your honeymoon in this hotel.


Why not? Nobody will check the information, but you will get such things as large room, nicely folded sheets, champagne and snacks!

newlyweds 2

Redo the low cost airline ticket free of charge

There is a trick, that can help you save about €70. You can easily change the name in the file of online check-in. But this life hack doesn’t work everywhere: it works for «Easyjet» and «Wizz Air», but it doesn`t work for Ryanair.

The procedure is simple:

  1. You submit a printout for checking to the airport officer. He checks it, but he doesn`t check your passport;
  2. At the time of boarding the last name in passport and on the printout should be the same. But here you can make your trick: at the end of boarding they look only in your passport! And certainly no one will ask you to show your passport and a printout on a plane.

Redo tickets

Eastern food in Europe – not only eclectic, but also inexpensive

If you want to save on food – welcome to Turkish cafeteria or Chinese restaurant – they are very popular and plentiful in Europe.


The average cost of meal here is twice lower than in any national restaurant. But you shouldn`t worry about the quality: firstly, the competition will not allow unscrupulous owners of cafes «to survive»; secondly, quality control in Europe is very, very strict! Cuisine 3


Take advantages of a great service of tour operators on JiJi.ng, follow us, learn the secrets, save money and travel more!


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