11 Herbs To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

We wait for a summer for very long, but when it comes, we have to protect ourselves from the negative side effects of heat: we buy anti-sun sprays and, of course, repellents. Some herbs frighten mosquitoes away not worse than shop means. Plant them on your seedbed or a window-sill and sleep well.

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Citronella grass


The citronella grass is one of the most popular ingredients in repellents that drive mosquitoes away. Its growing is pretty simple. This is a perennial tufting grass which rises high enough.

Citronella has such a clear smell that mosquitoes do not notice the other ones, that is why they don’t touch people. The citronella scent is much stronger than repellents’ smell.


Some other ways of using:

  • dried grounded citronella is a great meat and vegetables seasoning;
  • leaves smelling like a lemon is a tasty tea intensifier;
  • leave decoction is an antitheptic which helps in case of flu.



Melissa is a great ingredient for tea, firstly. However, only few people know that we can drive mosquitoes away with its help. Melissa grows fast, spreads by its own and you do not need to look after it. Sow your land area with Melissa and keep an eye on the grass for not to be spread all over your ground. Melissa will look greatly on your window-sill, as well as fill your room with mint and lemon odours.

Fun mosquito

The other properties:

  • exerts a sedative and a relaxing effect;
  • helps in case of digestive disorder;
  • reliefs muscle spasms.



Catmint is similar to Melissa. Cats like this grass very much and react on it by their loud purring. Mosquitoes have another attitude toward this plant.

Catmint frightens mosquitoes away better than DEET and does not arise blames among ecologists.

Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

The other useful properties:

  • has a sedative effect;
  • is used for cat training;
  • improves a digestion.



These traditional city flowers drive mosquitoes and other insects away. They are able to grow along lively routes and will survive even after planting by an unskillful person. Grow marigolds around your cottage house in order not to let mosquitoes in.


Among the other properties:

  • disinfects the area around their habitat;
  • is used as a tasty meat seasoning;
  • strengthens our immune system.



2-in-1: a good seasoning and a means against mosquitoes. Basil can be of various sorts which differ in their form and colour, so you can decorate your window-sill or seedbed with a unusual combination of these flowers. The plant is annual, is cultivated easily enough.


The other properties:

  • great flavouring for many dishes;
  • attracts insects-pollenziers during its blooming;
  • is used for curing ARVI.



This is a beautiful plant with a relaxing scent which should be grown in pots. Lavender is the first flavoring agent which is used for mostly everything! However, mosquitoes hate its smell.

Among the other ways of use:

  • dried lavender flowers is a great seasoning for pastry and confections;
  • is used as an antitheptic;
  • lavender sachet is used for protection of your clothes against mole.



Mosquitoes cannot stand a scent of the peppermint. Its essential oil is one of the best means for frightening spiders away, too. And if a mosquito has stung you, rub the peppermint juice in an affected place in order to relief itching.


Some other useful properties:

  • a good seasoning for many dishes, one of the main ingredients for many beverages and cocktails;
  • exerts anti-inflammatory effect;
  • helps in case of digestive disorders.



It does not matter how much garlic you have eaten. Your breath is not a kind of obstacle for them. But at the same time its green sprouts on your flower bed will drive mosquitoes away from your summerhouse.

The other properties:

  • is of an antibacterial nature?;
  • garlic juice is a natural glue;
  • stimulates hair growth when rubbing into your sculp.



This type of mint has a really distinctive smell, so many people do not like its strong scent. In return, on the open areas where this smell is not concentrated it helps get rid of mosquitoes. Besides, its flowers attract a lot of butterflies.

Among the other useful properties:

  • a great ingredient for many Caucasian dishes;
  • a plant butter is used for struggle against animal skin parasites;
  • helps in case of insomnia and headaches.



The means of using this plant is traditionally concentrated in cookery books. But on a flower bed this plant behaves like the pennyroyal: it drives away mosquitoes and attracts butterflies.


The other useful properties:

  • rosemary oil is a good preservative;
  • rosemary decoction and extract improves your oily skin condition;
  • promote memory improvement.



A garden geranium’s main function is pleasing our eyes. It is easy to grow and look after, the choice of types and sorts will be helpful for your landscape design.

And, of course, it frightens away mosquitoes!