13 Effective Ways To Google Information

Google is probably the most common service to look for information.

But how can you make the results more relevant and spend less time for searching?

Today we’re going to discuss the special ways you haven’t known before!

JiJi knows all!

1. To find a common website

If you aim to find some more sites, that show information close to a specific one you need, you can do it in 2 clicks!

Just type the word ‘related:’ and see what happens next!

For instance, you need a site which provides similar to Amazon.com services. Use the formula ‘related:amazon.com‘. Look, it’s quite easy – and it doesn’t take a lot of time!


2. To find a song

You’ve just heard one great song on the radio, but don’t remember the words? It really doesn’t matter to Google, that know everything – use * instead!

One simple example: you type ‘kiss me * before you go * sadness‘ – and Google immediately knows it’s a song of Lana del Ray ‘Summertime Sadness’


3. To look for data array

Do you need statistics or something else encompassing a certain period of time? Use 2 dots to help you!

It’s all quite simple. For instance, ‘gdp per capita in Nigeria 1910..1923‘. It’s convenient!


4. To look for certain types of files

If you have to use images of some special formats, you can use the word ‘filetype:‘ (‘filetype:jpg’). First of all, you will see the images relevant to your request, and then the links.

It’s applicable not only for images, but for all kinds of data. Try out!


5. Exact concurrency!

For finding exactly what you are looking for, you just have to use quotes at the beginning and at the end of phrase.

“Vintage sunglasses” – and you will find only vintage (not modern models!) of this accessory.


6. To find out the meaning of the word

To avoid looking through great amout of online dictionaries, you may simply type the word ‘define:‘ in front of the word you need to know the definition (‘define:reciprocal’).


7. To eliminate something from Google search

Let’s imagine you don’t want to see some results (they are irrelevant for you). It’s also possible!

Just write your request and use the symbol  to leave the information you don’t need. For example, ‘cheap bicycles -com‘. It means that you will get a lot of results, but none of the sites will have .com in it (except for paid advertising).


8. Use the synonyms

No, we don’t suggest you to look through the dictionaries to find them, you can do it a lot easier! Use the symbol ~ in the request. So that, when you type ‘~romantic films‘, Google will give the possibility to see romantic, exciting, tender films! Because all of these words are their synonyms. You expand the results you get, using such a method.


9. To buy something

Well, with Google you can actually buy something, but not look for relevant information!

A great way to buy appropriate goods is to google for ‘jiji cars‘ (if you dream about starting to drive) or ‘jiji clothes’ (when you aim to be fashionable and spend less money on quality clothes).


10. To convert the measurements

Instead of typing ‘one pound in kilograms how many’ use ‘1 pound in kg‘. Nice and easy, isn’t it?


11. To convert the currencies

Google gathers and analyzes information about the current financial affairs in the world, that’s why you can always know the actual rate of exchange. Type ‘100 usd to ngn‘ to know the necessary information!


12. To translate the words

Yes, everyone of us know about Google.Translate, but you can actually translate the words without going to Translator. Just type ‘translate [word] into [language]‘. For instance, ‘translate [love] into [french]‘ look this way:


13. To calculate!

We don’t know if you’d like to use this function, but you can 🙂

If you need to calculate something, you are tired enough to think and you’ve got no calculator nearby, use Google. Just type it (for instance, ‘23*256‘) and get the result!


Now you can use Google like an advanced user!

Let you findings be right!

JiJi is right here to help.